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Feeling low!!!


Will be slim!!!!!!!
HI guys,

I'm feeling really low all of a sudden, this is only day 7 and i just can't see how i'm going to last the whole 12 weeks! somedays i feel fine but..oh i dunno just feel like a moan, is there anyone whos been on it for a few weeks and have any tips to get over feeling like this? :cry:
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On a mission!
I felt a bit pants last week and then it passed. Try and not think of it being 12 weeks, take it a day at a time.

I'm Feeling rotten now after my first WI hon, so don't have any other words of inspiration at the moment, sorry.


Step away from the chips!
Hi Jackie, first of all well done on losing 8lbs this week. Thats fabulous!

I remember the first couple of weeks thinking omg i am never going to get through to week 12. It always seemed such a long way off. Now i'm in week 7 and that time seems to have passed much more quickly and i'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

The first couple of weeks are undoubtedly the hardest. For me, seeing the losses spurred me on to continue when those 12 weeks seemed to feel like an eternity.

I know its been said so many times before, but it DOES get easier & time does seem to pass by more quickly.

Hang in there hun, you can do it x


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chin up hun, u CAN do this,

there will be few mood swings along the way, i dont think anyone expects it to be a breeze, i started my second week on tuesday and all of a sudden i have energy and feel so much better. that'll be you soon x

brilliant first week loss too hun x

debs x

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Goal weight - 9st
started CD tues 20th May

Goal 1 - get through day 1 (lol) Done!!
Goal 2 - get to ketosis Done!! :D
Goal 3 - 1st WI - 27/5/08 - 7.2lbs lost!! :D Done!

hey jakie ive been on it 3 weeks now and i no what you mean ive got depressed some times u get good hours and bad try to just ignore the bad they will pass and think of teh long term goal 12 weeks will pass b4 u no it if i can do it u defoe can ( promise ) xx
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Hey jackie,

I know what you mean. Yesterday I had a really bad day and just didn't want to talk to anyone and everything I did went wrong. Today has been better but I am feeling a bit down now too. It will pass though and tomorrow you will probably feel better.

Try not to let it drag you down, just shake yourself off and tell yourself that you are fine and you have nothing to be depressed about as you are finally doing something to better yourself! :)


Will be slim!!!!!!!
thanks to all of you for your comments, really found this site is so helpful! i just need to keep the goal in sight and go one day at a time, once again thank you all!!



Call me Nicky xx
Hi Hun xx I know how you feel. I am on day 9 and day 7 was bad for me felt really low and irritable, day 8 however I felt fantastic. Take each day as a new day and dont look at the whole 12 weeks.


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Hi, I'm nearly at the end of week 7 and i have had the whole spectrum of emotions during that time;). Sometimes i feel great, other times feel like grabbing a monster bag of crisps and giving CD the"bird" but have stuck with it as it works and i keep reminding myself that this is not forever and that no matter how pi**ed off i feel - It's nothing to how unhappy and self-conscious i was with all this flab hanging around my body - It's certainly a roller coaster but there is an end to it.:D All for the greater good. Keep the eyes on the prize and all that!!


Will be slim!!!!!!!
thank you jax, really helps knowing that people have felt this way but got through it! xx
I am day 11 now, and my work trousers are noticably looser today!!! this has helped me stick with it

I was miserable few days ago, thinking, can never do this/that again, and have now just started taking it one day at a time


Finally a size 12!
Hey hun!! Im the same had a top day then got home and was angry then had a cry now im feeling ok again ha ha ha strangggeeeee xx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
just ate food....i do have reasoning behind it though, been feeling really faint today and have an interview tomoz so i will have to eat an egg or something for brekkie coz i didnt buy any tetras as they're too expensive, so my mum talked me into eating, i only had half a roasted pepper and 1 spoonful of bolognese, do you think this is ok? well i know it isnt "ok" but its not too bad is it? not like iv had a huge feast or anything, its weird though, i feel really full and hate it! i like feeling empty and got a bit of a stomach ache now, oh god i hope i havnt ****ed this up! :-( xx

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