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Feeling low


xPink Princess!x
hi guys

just thought i'd have a little rant. all my life i've been told im a pretty girl but need to lose a "couple of pounds" I'm 5ft 8 and used to be around 13 stones hardly fat but over the years its piled on. I want to do the CD and have had many restarts but i seem to get no support at home. I'm home from uni for the holidays and everyone seems to pick on me and make snide comments. :eek:

We went to my nans for dinner last night and my aunt turned around and said infront of everyone gosh havent you gone fat. i mean wtf she sees me everyday!?! so why say it infront of everyone! my mum just doesnt get it. i been having problems with my periods they been absent for 5 months and now suddenly its TOTM for 3 weeks almost! arghh! i just feel so hurt and angry that if im sitting there and drinking my shakes ppl laugh and snigger. If i choose to sit in another room to stop getting tempted im anti social!:sigh:

My bf is lovely! he supports me through it all its just a shame my family dont feel the same way. I get told im going to need a tent for my wedding :rolleyes: or a hubby who is larger than me. Im sick and tired of the comments i just need to be able to do this once and for all! I want to bring the old me back because this has really altered my confidence. It didnt matter what size i was i always knew how to be happy and cheerful and now im not.

any advice ladies on how i should just ignore it all and get on with it?

P.S sorry for the super long rant!
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Try and not let them get to you. At the end of the day you are doing this for you and no one else.
Think how satisfying it will be when you walk into a room beaming and full of confidence and the size you want to be and they are still stuffing their faces.

My family has always been very supportive of me and I couldnt even think they would say some things that you have written so I can't really relate on that point, but what I can relate to is feeling unhappy and miserable because I dont look the way I want to.

Do this for you and no one else, to get your confidence and happiness back!!! Good luck on your journey and we will always be here when you need us :D


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I really feel for you, I have a family member who is just the same and is always telling me how fat I look and how no one will every marry me etc. I just ignore her. I actaully think she will still be saying it once when im size 12.

Just think of your goal when they are saying it, picture in your head what you will look like and how you will feel when you are at goal.


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ignore negative comments and if you ever feel in need of support you know you will get it here. good luck for the coming week


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do this for yourself hun, no one else matters, you are worth 20 of these other people.xx


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Try to ignore their comments, you are trying to do something about your weight, they could try improving themselves by doing something about their attitudes.

Keep with it hon, it's so worthwhile:)


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Big Hugs hun!!! My family were the same at the start but once the weight dropped off they were praising me! If ya gonna do the diet do it for u not the snide people who wanna chip at your confidence xxxxx


xPink Princess!x
thank you so much guys im going to see tommorow as a fresh start and get back on the wagon! (i've eaten breakfast and had lunch so too late to have my 3 shakes hehe) but you're right i need to do this for myself! and hopefully they'll see a change in me and realise that i too have feelings and im normal like them :)


xPink Princess!x
oo i wish there was a thank you button so i could click thanx and give u all rep! hehe thank u for the positive comments! xxxx
Hun i totally sympathise with you too, my dad and brother have mocked my weight my whole life. I have spent so many years feeling the fat useless dissappointment to them. My mum has always been fantastic and supportive but something i have come to learn about family is that they think it's ok to say it to you, just because your related! I mean if a friend made the comments my brother or dad has done they would be cut out of my life as quick as anything!

It isn't an excuse...when i told my dad how hurt his comments make me his reply was 'oh come on if you can't take it from me, who can you take it from'. My reply was 'there are already so many as**holes in the world who can insult me that i don't expect it from the people that are meant to love me'.

It has taken time but he slowly now realises how damaging his words can be, my brother will never change so i accept that now and distance myself...altho to be fair he is a lot better than when i was younger.

I know my dad never meant to be nasty he actually thinks he's being funny with comments so whatever the motivation behind your family's taunts just keep in mind why your doing this and what it means to YOU to lose the weight, forget everyone else, this is about you living your life the way you want to.

I fear that when i'm at goal i'll still get the little jibes the difference then is i will have the confidence to stand up for myself knowing what i have achieved and be happy in doing so.

I'm glad you have a supportive boyfriend and as someone else mentioned if you ever need the help or support we are all here for you.xxxx

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