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What diet are you doing?
12lbs is a pretty huge loss for one week, even on a medical VLCD.

You always lose more in your first week as well.

Post some more info on your diet, and have a look around the forums, it'll all help :)


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thank you very much for replying.
i have meanly eat rice and pasta and 1 a day smoothes if i have chips i have a hand full of low fat chips i still have a friday night take out
i didnt think i lost 12 pounds again. but i was hoping for a 2 pound lost
i been jogging for 30 minute every day
just dont understand were i gone wrong


Not to sound negative but that's a pretty limiting and yet strangely varied type of diet....

eating mainly rice and pasta is going to load you up with tons of carbohydrates, as will the chips, which is great for energy but bad bad bad if you are trying to lose weight (not saying carbs are bad, just the amount you must be intaking)

What is the 1-a-day-smoothie you are having?
A diet one like SlimFast, or just one you are making?

Remember, a 'diet' is all about having less calories and more nutrition - I really doubt you are getting that by loading up on carbs and a weekly take out....

Also, jogging is a great way to improve fitnes levels.... but don't rely on it to lose you weight. Going by what I've read in the past, you'd have to run from here to Cairo to lose a couple of stone, and 30 minutes of running a day will be great for your 'inner' fitness, but might not have as big an effect on your 'outer' fitness as you might like/think...

It's all about changing what passes your lips (which I've mentioned above)

Please don't read all that ^ as me having a go or being mean, I think it's great you are dieting for yourself and trying your best to get healthy :) It's just we often need pointing in the right direction too :)

Have you considered following a full-on "plan" like Slimming World or Weight Watchers? there are also VLCD's like W8, Camebridge and LighterLife if you are a bit more hardcore/extreme about what you have to lose.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best in your journey to lose weight :)



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i have innocent smoothies
not really got the money to do them kind of plans sadly :(
nope i find what you saying very helpfull.
i differently want to lose the weight even when i had this mini set back(in my mind)
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if that's the case, I'd suggest cutting back on the rice/pasta and going for more protien-based meals (fish, tuna, any meat will do really) and more fruits, salads and vegetables to keep your vitamin and mineral intake at a good level - there's wisdom in the saying "eat your greens" :p

I take back what I said about the takaway, nothing wrong with having 1 treat night a week, so long as you don't overdo it!

On this kind of self-guided healthy-eating plan, ideally you'd be aiming for aroun 1, myabe 2lbs a week loss. How you got 12lbs the first week, I don't know, probably a mixture of things! but, it got 12lbs off, so that's what counts, use it a springboard to a steadier decline into slimville :)


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yea i love fish could eat it all day:D

dont know how i lost it i was shock as every one
but when i find out i put a pound on i felt like quiting
just couldnt understand it
thank you very much.your post have been good to read


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Don't give up! 12 lbs is a great start.
Can you go to your library and borrow couple of books on low-fat cooking? I do Weight watchers. I went to meetings for a couple of months to learn what to do, get my head round it and pick up some recipe books. But, I thought it was very expensive so since, I've been doing it alone and it works. you need to learn how to cook and eat really differently. I thought I was cooking healthily, but I wasn't really, so I had a lot to learn.
I've lost 7 KGS since last november and am feeling so much better. If you'd like any recipes, just shout! Good luck!


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Well done on such a good loss - don't be disheartened the advice given here is really sensible and I'm sure it'll help you tons :)
Also just quick note but smoothies are very high in sugar and they don't fill you up as eating the same amount of fruit does so maybe try having one every other day instead?
Daisy x


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I just have to second all the advice above...
A good healthy diet (lots of fruit, veg, protein and less carbs) and a half hour exercise everyday is the way to go.
And as for smoothies... you'd be much better spending the same amount of money on a bag of apples!
Don't be disheartened cos you put a pound on ... body weight fluctuates naturally by a couple of pounds due to several factors. Plus after a 12 lb loss in one week your body was probably not very cooperative for additional loss.
Good luck and don't give up!!!



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As everyone else has said- I think you are eating wayy too many carbs.
I watch my carbs religiously even though I am a vegetarian.
I am eating a lot of eggs, soya, quorn (mushroom protein) low cal cheese and green veg.
I only allow myself small amounts of carbs like one piece of medium thick bread made into half a sandwich or a small amount of pasta in soup.
Carbs are not great for dieting most simply because, You don't need to eat a lot of them for you to go over your calory quota. A bowl of plain pasta before it even has sauce on it can be over 400calories.

I try to make sure most my meals don't go over 200-250 calories because for me little and often works best. (I get hungry very quickly when my blood sugar lowers) proteinous foods are also better for not raising your blood sugar super quick and making you feel starving.