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Feeling miffed.......


Is Irrepressible!! : )
... and also a little bit apprehensive for tomorrows WI.

Lovely Miss Brite accompanied me on a shopping extravaganza yesterday and although this is not a regular thing, I decided to weigh myself in Boots.

And you know what? I haven't lost a thing apparently. So we thought, maybe it was the fact that I had drunk around 2 litres of water and had the first 'meal' of the day, so perhaps there was a silver lining anyway.

So I got home and was showing off my new clothes to the OH and found out I had bought a size 6 pair of trousers by mistake (it was quite hilarious trying those on!) so I decided to back and change them today and also try out the scales again- this time before drinking or eating. Guess what..... exactly the same! What the hell??? Now, I know I am coming up to that totm and am feeling a little more bloated than I did last month, but absolutely nothing? Hmm...... is that even possible? :mad::confused:

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I think we should take a sledgehammer to the stupid thing dolly... It gave us both miserable results :(

Still, time will tell tomorrow morning. BTW, 11ish is fine with me lol.

Maybe we should do as my nanny said as weigh in naked at the pharmacy - should give us better results but we might scare the little lad that works there! :rotflmao: xxx


Is Irrepressible!! : )
My word.... getting a bit brave aren't we?!

I know that I am probably being stupid or something and perhaps it will all work out tomorrow. I just completed 20 mins on the trampette and did some belly dancing so hopefully that will help! OH is being supportive, he said well you have been doing a lot of exercise this week, so perhaps you have built up some muscle mass. And since I have lost inches this week, perhaps he is right xxx
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I always used to wear the exact same thing to weigh in, the lightest cottony dress I could find, once I weighed in wearing a t shirt and bikini shorts under my fave pair of jeans that are too tight for me now :(


is loving the soup?!
do you normally weigh on those scales? I only ask because of my close friends (who all have scales in their bathrooms) none of them weigh even close to the same
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I wouldn't take any notice of any Boots scales. The ones in our nearest town are useless and change randomly.
I once weighed myself and got what I thought was a pretty accurate reading, exactly the same as the one at my LL meeting. I went back a week later having lost 4 lb at LL, but according to Boots, I'd gained 8lb!
Don't waste you money on them.
S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
Well we did our body fat % on it whilst we were there too and I figured it must be screwy because it put Medea's higher than the last time she did it which is practically impossible on this diet, and I know she hasn't cheated... Stupid thing :(
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Aww hun, wait for that official WI, I am sure you will get a result
Good luck
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Don't worry Medea, you'll be fine. As OH says, muscle does weigh more than fat and you have lost inches. I had a low loss last week but it was still a loss and I hadn't cheated! I'm sure you'll be on here tomorrow reporting a loss and we will all be cheering for you.

Good luck.



Is Irrepressible!! : )
Thanks everyone..... hopefully it will all work out tomorrow!

On a brighter note, I have purchased some size 8 clothing as well as some size 10s (all in anticipation) and some seem to fit! Quite impressed as I managed to fit into a dress that was bought for me for my 17th birthday (loved it too much to get rid of it!). Just need to lose a few more pounds and it should fit beautifully :D


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I have read threads with the "BOOTS" scales mentioned like it was God??? What is with that???? It is just like the rest of them!!! All scales need to be calibrated every 3 months.....I guarntee you my pharmacist doesn't do that! And nor does Boots! So pick a scales and stick to it....even if it is a way off scales ......just stick with it.....NO POINT at all weighing in on another scales!

I went to a gym (when I was REALLY involved in sport) and they removed the scales from the changing rooms as it gave percentage body fats and little warnings as standard if you were overweight.......they got rid of it as it was telling EVERYONE they needed to visit doctor immediately as they were soooooo overweight and body fat was through the roof and were ALL at risk of high BP etc.... so just take it with a grain of salt.....

If you weigh in tomorrow with a bad weigh in.....then we'll talk!
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I wouldn't have thought it possible to not lose on this diet! I tend to agree with your oh -muscle build up...but as long as your shrinking who cares right?! WOOP WOOP for that dress btw! ;)

Good luck -I'm sure you'll be happy tomorrow when you weigh in.
i'm sure you'll be fine too!


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Right.... I have decided not to even succumb to the temptation ever, ever again.

So I was expecting a low loss this week because it being the totm (even thought it didn't really affect me last month), feeling bloated and due to the demon Boots scales- plus I have only had one low WI since I started.

But 1.8lbs is enough to drive me over the 3 stones lost marker! :bliss:

Hooray and hazzah! Thank you all so much for your input and support xxxx :D

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