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Feeling miserable tonight

Just feeling sorry for myself I guess and for petty reasons. But I had my hopes all built up, that the swimming would give me that extra push to get back to 5lbs a week loss. I skipped my meeting as I couldn't be bothered sitting through a session.

So I swam all week - 5 days in a row, and tonight lost 3.8 pounds.

I know it's petty and childish to be gutted over what should be considered a good loss but I fall way below the average for men, despite starting bigger than most - I'm watching people who barely had 3 stone to lose, lose 5 or 6 pounds a week.

It's woken up my very real fear that the weight loss will stall - it will deteriorate down to 2 a week and I will fail if that happens as I cannot face the thought of this lasting the extra 4 months that would mean.

Logic says that won't happen but my heart, and the nasty little voice in my head says it will. I have after all, had a lifetime of failure.

This week I have been better than ever - meeting my water intake most days (I aim for 4L plus my shakes and soups and usually get close). I did have a rubbish weekend water wise. But then exercise seems to have made no difference. I'll do it all again next week and see what happens.

I think coming on top of my photos being rubbish, I'm just going to be a bit of a misery tonight and will then start to get over it but my positivity is so low just now I've gone from beign sure I will succeed to being very worried I won't.

In the past I would have given up tonight but obviously I must have some hope as I have no intention of cheating.

I know I have hit some targets and milestones, including one pretty big one tonight but I couldn't care less - all for the sake of not losing another 1b. That's pathetic but it's how I'm feeling tonight, so I'm not going through my usual reoutine (updating things like facebook status, trackers, sig, etc.

I guess that is what I get for getting my hopes up. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Sorry for anyone sat there thinking what the hell is he on? Especially as I know some of you have smaller losses than this - and because in the grand scheme of things, it's hardly a crisis. I just have pinned too many of my hopes onto my weightloss and tonight I'm floundering. It was a bit of a rubbish day today emotionally and now I just want to go to bed and write the rest of the year off.
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Andy - sorry you are feeling rubbish.

Firstly, remember you are getting thinner everyday. This diet works for everyone!

Do you think the swimming could either be slowing the weight loss (I have heard this can happen) or could it be that you are adding muscle and still losing the fat and therefore this isn't showing on the scales. Do your clothes feel looser?

Sorry I can't be more helpful. On the positive side you have achieved so much. Losing 84.5 lbs is no mean feat. Your BMI has decreased by a whopping 12.1 points. You are healthier, fitter and well on the way to a new you. Keep it up!!!!!!!!
HI Andy

There could be so many factors why you had a "low" loss , though as you say, it really is quite a fantastic loss for one week. Don't be discourages.

I had the same amount ofweight to lose as you. ALl my stats are now gone from my signature.....but mate, there were weeks when I lost 3 ounces! Or 6 ounces!!! You will have low weeks, even if you never change a thing.

Chin up - your body also is losing so fast, it deserves a wee break the say "phew!" and catch it's breath!

ANd don't do too much 'vigerous' exercise - that can slow the loss down as well.

As long as you are following the plan faithfully, you cannot help but lose it all.

Hang in there - its just been a dissappointing day for you today by the sounds of it - but tomorrow is nearly here - its Friday - and things will look brighter!!!

SOme days we just have to grit our teeth and bare it and take what comes as it comes - theres nothing else we can do then accept the loss as our body sees fit to lose it. (as long as we abstain etc)

Hi Andy :)

I found my old weekly stats to share Andy -and I post them only to illustrate how it all works out in the end. note there were loads of small weeks! And I never had the minutest lapse in development or foundation - I did everything exactly the same every single day. ANd look how it still fluxuated.

But then, one day - all those losses - even the LITTLES ones, quickly add up to your goal.

It's so worth it. Dn't compare it to other diets. Trust it, have faith, relax, and enjoy the ride. It will work. :)

HEre are my weigh ins. I have BOLDED the weeks that were less then 3 pounds which is what I consider a low and somewhat dissappointing weigh-in. You can see - there were loads!!! But it all adds up!:

1st week -10.9 :eek:
2nd week -4.9 :party0049:
3rd week -5.5:party0011:
4th week -3.7 :party0048:
5th week -2.8 :whistle:
6th week -2.8 :ignore:
7th week -3.0 :wavey:
8th week -4.8:smoke:
9th week -2.4 :princess:
10th week-4.4 :queen:
11th week -3.7:innocent0002:
12th week -1.5 :blahblah:
13th week -2.6 :clap:
14th week -4.4 :massmoon:
15th week - .80 :rotflmao:
16th week -4.4 :drool:

Inches Lost: 28.25

Week 15: -.08 :blahblah:
Week 16: -4.4 :chores016:
Week 17: -2.6 :wavey:
Week 18: -1.1 :doh:
Week 19 to 22: hols
Week 23: -19.8 :talk017:
Week 24: - 2.5 :party0011:
Week 25: - 4.6 :massmoon:
Week 26: - 0.8 :p
Week 27: - 0.6 :rolleyes:
Week 28: - 0.3 :sigh:
Week 29: - 7.5 :party0049: 100 pounds GONE!!!
Week 30: - 1.1 :crazy:
Week 31: - 3.3 :flowers:
Week 32: -2.8 :princess:
Week 33: -2.5 :party0011:
Week 34: -0.8 :p
Week 35: -3.7 :cool:
Week 36: -2.9 :queen:
Week 37: -2.6 :character00238:
thank you xx I really appreciate you digging those out.

Tomorrow I ahall have to adjust my expectations. I'd hoped for an average of 4 pounds a week, meaning I'd start RTM on Feb 27th, but I'm going to rip up all that and just hope that it doesn't go too far into April. (I have a holiday in April which I won't enjoy if I'm still doing this) but we'll see.

I'm off now - I just need to get some sleep, some perspective and some hugs I think (the hugs will have to come from my rats).

Thank you again, and you too Caz. xxx
Hi Andy sorry your feeling low, you are doing really really well please dont be so hard on yourself and dont compare yourself to others we are all so different in how we gain and lose weight...keep up the good work and I am sure it will keep coming off you have done so well....((((hugs)))....xx
totally agree with BL here.. and how nice of her to dig out her losses too..

Sometimes when you do a lot of swimming etc, as its a very good work out for your legs and stomach.. you can lose fat and gain muscle.. and obv muscle weights more than fat.. you should do your measurments..

x x
Andy, your doing really well. It's hard to lower our expectations when we have built them so high. I was interested in BLs weightloss record, I didn't realise she had such small losses in some weeks and shes done amazingly well.
Don't beat yourself up.....................look at how far you have come!!!
Well done!
You are very welcome. (ThanksKitteh too. ;))

ANd Mandy - it happens to everyone at some stage. We have to keep in mind just how much we are asking of our bodies. They simply cannot sustain a 3,4 or 5 pound loss every week. We push the boundaries as it is. The body needs to catch up with itself - recharge. But - then there ARE the big weeks, 4, 5 or 6 pounds.

All those taken into consideration do bring the average up to actually about 4 pounds. SO we do get that - on average - at a pace our bodies can cope.

Everybody is different - that is why it is so important not to compare ourselves or rate of loss to others.

All this of course assuming there are no lapses.

That is the beauty of this diet - as long as you follow it as instructed you CAN NOT fail - it is not physiologically possible to fail. Simple as.

That should take away any worry or stress one has about that. It simply WILL work. :)

Hope that helps. :)

Get some good sleep Andy - things will look better tomorrow. <hugs> nitey nite!
Hope you feel better in the morning Andy, a good nights sleep tends to make things look better :)

As others have said, you've done SO well so far, and almost 4lbs in a week is nothing to sniff at. I know it can be hard when your expectation isn't met, after seeing people having 10lbs+ losses in the first week, I felt dissapointed to only lose 6lbs, but then I realised, hell, thats still 6lbs... so look at your 4lbs as a victory mate.

Because it is.


Ancient Egypt Nut!
thank you xx I really appreciate you digging those out.

Tomorrow I ahall have to adjust my expectations. I'd hoped for an average of 4 pounds a week, meaning I'd start RTM on Feb 27th, but I'm going to rip up all that and just hope that it doesn't go too far into April. (I have a holiday in April which I won't enjoy if I'm still doing this) but we'll see.

I'm off now - I just need to get some sleep, some perspective and some hugs I think (the hugs will have to come from my rats).

Thank you again, and you too Caz. xxx
Take a few from me as well Andy..:hug99::hug99::hug99:.

You KNOW you are doing so well and don't we give ourselves a hard time when we don't meet our own expectation eh? Please put the stick down and stop beating yourself with it.

I bet your perspective is well and truly back tommorow. These down bits when that ruddy devil is sitting on your shoulder and whispering in your ear that you can't do this DON'T last. Remember that and tell that voice to take a hike pronto!!!!!



Fighting Demons....
As everyone has already said so well already, there are so many reasons as to why you may not have lost as much as you wanted to.
The fact is that those numbers on the scale, they came down. And that's what this is all about. You are getting thinner. Every single day. (I don't think you give yourself enough credit on that by the way!!)
Just look back at all of your weightlosses, including before LL. See how far you've come!
Hope you feel brighter in the morning, and you know where to get hold of me if you need to have a rant!!

B x
Firstly and most importantly you deserve these :hug99::hug99::hug99::hug99::hug99::hug99: - you don't need to save them for later use or use them sparingly as in here there's always plenty of them to be shared.

Re the exercise, you may not notice a loss on the scales but I found that when I had low losses those were the times when I noticed more in the way my clothes fitted etc - now that exercise may make you weigh that bit more (the whole muscle/fat thing) but it does alter your shape and tone up all those bits that need toning.

Now I've got to say that my whole view on the exercise/weight thing is that if I have a choice I'd rather see/feel a difference in my body shape than see a loss registering on the scales - I mean everybody can see the difference in shape but only you and your LLC really see the number on the scale (and of course us in here that you share that info with).

So though the photo's and the loss that you feel is low have got you down you do need to look on the fact that though you might not notice a difference there will be one there.

Hope you don't mind my 'waffling on' - really hope you feel better & brighter in the morning .... and just incase you need it you can have another :hug99::hug99::hug99:
Goood morning Andy

I hope you have had a good sleep and feel better now


I think everyone has had the odd time when we feel despondent and are disappointed with the losses. I've had a few weeks when I've stayed the same and I've thought "how can that be when I've not eaten ANYTHING?", but eventually it does catch up and average out as you hope it will.
Hang on in there - I hope you feel better.
Thank you everyone - I will make a proper reply tonight (going to work in a minute) but I do feel better this morning, especially after reading all your wlovely posts. Will give them the response they deserve tonight x.

When I get to work I'lll look at everything - and will get rid of my countdown - If I reach my target date (feb 27th) great, but if I don't I'll not let myself see that as failure.

Thank you again xx
Glad you are feeling brighter Andy.

I think you hit the nail on the head with one main thing: let go of your end date - take that pressure off yourself. It will be over, when you hit goal, whenever that will be.

I pinned myself on a date, and soon realised I had to give up on that - it was making me a little crazy with worry. ANd yes, the diet did take me longer then I had anticipated - but it was OK to accept that, and just trod on.

Hope you have a great day, and that you continue to see and appreciate just how far you have come.

Hey Andy

(Sorry missed this thread)

Im glad you are feeling better, was really good of BL to dig out her old losses, I think we all feel at some point that we are the only ones ever on LL to not get good losses every week.

You have done SO SO SO well its amazing and you have the right attitude to see you through to the end. Keep it up!

Thank you, everyone for all your kind words and support. Emski, i know you've had a rough couple of days so your support and compassion is so appreciated.

I am happier now - I have accepted that this diet will end when it's finished and no amount of date setting will do that. I lost 3.8 pounds last week and my obsession with dates, meant I didn't even celebrate that it's my lightest weight in 10 years.

So from now on, I'll move forward and take the bad losses with the good. Perhaps not with a smile on my face but with the understanding that good always follows bad in the end - and I'm going to be perfectly slim when the time comes.

I know I promised indepth replies but I want tto start putting it behind me and I've written a lot today - is it enough to say I actually love all of you a little bit more today?

Andy xx

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