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Feeling nauseas?

Hi. I'm eating again because of the extreme tiredness that I was facing on the SS. Trying to do it well with the green and white. My suggestion would be to hold out as long as possible because getting back on is horrendous.

Sorry not much help, just wanted to let you know there are ppl out there feeling not so good either. Let's have a self-pity party! :)
The true me - I don't feel like eating food either, don't really feel like having anything just now! I know I should have my last pack though, might try and force something down in a minute.

Angelmouse- thanks but i've had at least 2 litres so far today so i'm pretty sure i'm drinking enough. Most days i've been having between 2 and 4 litres.
I meant hold out through the nausea, not that you were wanting to eat. Sorry that my post was ambiguous.
Sorry, must be a bit slow tonight! Hope you're feeling a bit better, I was really tired first few days but I'm not so tired now. Seems like you have to get some side effects at some point - it's a small price to pay in the long run I suppose.

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