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Feeling panicky. Is this normal?

Hi, I am on day 2 of induction. I have been feeling jittery, panicky and freaking out over silly things. Almost like a mini panic attack. Also felt a bit dizzy and just bleh. Have others experienced this on Atkins?
I started cutting down carbs last week but as of yesterday have gone full induction. Was at in laws last week so could not due full induction then. Any help would be great. Feel I am losing the plot at the mo.
Lost 4lbs last week just by cutting down carbs. hooray.
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Your sound normal to me lol.

It is the same for me on day 2, and I am normally a very laid back person ;)

For me it is a sign I am heading for ketosis and doesnt last long.:D

Hang in there and drink your water {hug} you'll get past it.
Caledonia your a star.
Thanks so much. Starting to feel like I am losing my mind the plot and anything else maybe even marbles. Lol.
Good to have an answer to what it is.
So just keep drinking water and hang in there?
Any idea how long this lasts?
Hee hee, don't worry we all have our Atkins wobbles.

For me it usually lasts a day or two, then I feel more energized and calmer, but we are all different. Don't lose heart, the weight loss will be worth a couple of days discomfort.

Just keep an eye on your water, and sometimes a drink of salty oxo or bovril does wonders. I tend to wee a lot at first and it can help the electrolyte balance to have something salty.

Think of it as your body changing from running on carbs and sugars to running on the fat stores :D

Like the sound of the running in fat stores. Plenty of that to get rid of. Lol.
Thanks for your help.
Also thanks for the notice on the peeing allot. Yep that's now kicked in.
Also the info on the oxo or bovril is a great help.
How much do folks recommend drinking of this? 2 cups per day? More? Less?
Thanks again.
I will be a yummy mummy yet!!!
Oh yes, i am on day 2 of a re-start and the wee weeing has begun.:8855:

find a couple of cups a day does the trick, plus it can help after induction too.

Your a yummy mummy now, you'll just be a smaller one soon. ;)


This is for life
Dizzy and blah? Recognise the feeling. Drink tons of water, take it easy, avoid exercise for now and it will pass!
Thanks so much. I truly appreciate your help.
Thanks for the already a yummy mummy comment. Means loads.
Feeling less panicky today, but have brain fog. Metal mouth and no energy and achey.
Assuming this is ketosis also. Thanks for the heads up of no exercise too.
Gonna keep going. With your help I can keep this going.
Your welcome hunnie.

I couldn't do it without the peeps at minimins. There is always someone here to advise you or just listen to you rant LOL.

We are all in it together.:gen126:

Day three of re-start and my head is thumping, but feeling good.
I am on day 3. Will be good to have you to go on this journey with. Feeling a bit better as the day goes on. It seems to be coming in waves now.
Have brushed my teeth numerous times today and yet the taste goes on. LOL
If find minmins just fab for helping me keep going, listening to others and having a wee nose. LOl
good to know others are out there, going through what I am and feeling the way I feel.
Onwards and downwards I say.
Keep going Caledonia. Your doing fab.

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