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Feeling poorley

Hi everybody,
Just wanted a bit of advice.
I am still feeling horrible with this cold/flu. In the last two days and three nights I have only had two shakes and a few glasses of water, some cups of tea and lemsips. I feel really sick and could very easily throw up. I have weighed myself and seem to have lost about 5 lbs in the last couple of days, which isnt good realy coz its lost coz i am not eating not because of CD.
Does everybody agree that I should just stop worrying about Cd for a few days till I feel better or shall I force myself to have my shakes even though I feel I may be sick them once I have had them. I have tummy pains and keep burping because there is nothing in my tummy but I dont want to eat.
Sorry for rambling. Hope somebody can help. I am still right in the middle of this cold and ache all over, blowing my nose every 30 seconds, sore throat, aches and pains etc. so it probably will be a few days before I feel any better.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Lynne x
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Hi, i got really ill for a bit on cd. my cdc told me to cum off cd till was feeling better and hav 1000cals it took me 3 weeks to get better but all readyto go now. hope you feel better soon
have whatever you need hun to get better, if you can have your packs as they have all you vits and mins in but just get well hunni.xxx
thanks treaco, and thanks susan for the pm. I will ask my daugther to get me a piece of toast or some chicken or something as I dont have any food whatsoever in the house. Apart from dog food and i think i will give that a miss lol.
Im going to try and get some sleep now.
Later girls xx
Lynne x
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Oooooo, I know just how you feel as I have the lurgy too. I don't have a runny nose but am coughing constantly and my head and throat are killing me. I have felt like this since Wednesday :( and have been off work. I have really struggled to get fluids and packs down and have had 1 in the last 4 days but I was advised on here the other day to try and drink some more and have some scrambled egg which did seem to perk me up a bit. I am feeling a little bit better today so will try some tetras again. I was thinking of eating something a bit more substantial but don't want to risk coming out of ketosis. Its a real mind boggler as on CD you condition yourself not to eat but then when you are really poorly you have to force yourself to try and eat something that you know you should not really have but will make you feel alot better.

Take care and I hope you feel better soon:D
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Ah Susan you are up and about! Lynne, you have got to eat. You can't diet when you are so poorly. Really hope you are feeling better soon. Poor you, you sound really full of it.


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Lynne, sorry to hear you are not well, hope you feel better soon xxx
Do you know girs........ without you over the last few days I would have cried, and I never cry! I feel so poo.
I will ask my daughter to get me something to eat, but I think I feel a bit too sick to eat it. Not keen on cupasoups, think it might just be like a cd soup and coz i dont feel well they are sitting so heavily (the 1 soup and 1 shake I have had over the last three days) that I feel like thats what is making me feel sick, but I know its not. My tummy feels really sore but i think that might be because its empty (my tummy has never been empty in my life lol)
CHOPPY, thank you so much, isnt it horrible this cold or whatever it is.
Lynne x
Poor Wizzbang - sounds like you've gone down with something awful. I think that when you feel so ill you need to listen to what your body is telling you. CD is great, but you might need a little extra to fight off your bug.

Hope you get your Wizz back soon xxx


nearly there!! :)
hope ur feeling better. just wanted to say though my llc takes ll when shes feeling unwel cause like she said it has everything ya need in it. but again its ur personal decision and only u no what to do for u xxx
Thanks everybody,
My daughter came and made some scrambled egg on a slice of toast for me. I felt a little better after that but now feel really full. I'm going to go to sleep now, mum needs me and I want to be better enough to go to her on tuesday. Thank goodness my daughter has taken over looking after mum and dad for me for the weekend till I feel better.
Thanks for being there everybody xx
Lynne x
Your daughter is a star, I am glad she is there for you.
Do you guys have alkaseltzer in the uk. I use alkaseltzer/flu. it works real well for the symptoms you describe. Try having your paks hot if you can, that might help make it easier to get some vits into you. Hang in there and rest as much as you can.
Thanks edi, I love your little smasher in your avitar.
I will root out a pic of wizzy and post it when im feeling better.
Lynne x


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hope you are feeling better soon

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