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Feeling Poorly

G: 11st7lb
Ive been feeling ill all day, headache, sore throat and achey....what is the recomendations on eating? I have 2 girls to look after so really don't want to be poorly for an extended period but am loathed to eat too much. Is it possible to make a quick recovery without eating? Im disapointed because I've not had a sick day in 3 years and it seems strange its now when I am not eating.
Help! xxx
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strange that...i'm on day 9 and feel exactly as you say....throat, runny nose, headache, sore ears....is this just a coincidence or is immune system affected by the transition to tfr.....i'm planning to stick it out though...no food just paracetemol.....but feeling sorry for myself:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
G: 11st7lb
Thats exactly me....even the feeling sorry for myself! If it wasn't for the children I would just spend the weekend in bed and it would be easy!! We'll try and stick it out though shall we? Hope you feel better soon xxxxxxxxxx

irish molly

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Girls, just keep up your fluids. Have some herbal tea. Take paracetamol or a lemsip if you are fluey. Lots of people on here have had colds and bugs and stuck to tfr with no ill effects. So unless you think you are much worse than that try and stick it out.
Get tucked up in bed and keep sipping water for the throat.
G: 11st7lb
Thank you! Just bummed on feeling so rubbish I think, especially when I'm usually the only one in the house that escapes unscathed where bugs are concerned (I work in a hospital lab so am exposed to a lot!)
Sometimes its too easy to find an excuse to give in....will try my best to not let it beat me xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
S: 21st0lb C: 12st12lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 8st2lb(38.78%)
Good girl, that's the spirit!!
G: 11st7lb
Thank you Jax...no I still feel horrible, daughter asked why i have purple under my eyes! Made me feel great. Does anyone know if you can take sudafed? I have blocked sinuses and don't want it to turn into sinusitis.
How are you today Ro? x
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HI there yes you can take sudafed I have been for the last three days as I have sinus blockage.
Eating should have no difference in how well you feel hun, remember we get all the nutriants our bodies need and then we MUST drink up to 4 ltrs of water, you know the doctors always say drink more fluids make it water if possible.
In fact you probably wouldn't get as many nutrients from eating as you are on LT.
Try maybe streching out your shakes through the day so you get a little energy boost every few hours, have 6 instead of three just for today and be commited to your water intake, make it warm water to get the comfort feeling, you can do this hun.

Anna x
G: 11st7lb
Thank you, don't feel like eating today or having my shakes to be honest. Will keep drinking the water and try and force one down in a little while. Have taken sudafed so hopefully the face ache will calm down soon! Girls are busy drawing and making Valentines cards for their friends so apart from the occasional arguement over whos using the pink, they are quiet and well behaved!
Heres to rest and recouperation! xx


I will be skinny again!!!
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Hang in there..

i got sick on lipotrim and took cold and flu medicine and stuck to TFR... I nearly cheated but as soon as I felt bad I was sooo glad I didnt eat

Get better soon xxx
G: 11st7lb
Thanks for the encouragement! xxxx
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hi emmievic...feel sh** to be honest but have stayed in the bed all day so far ...have just watched 2 great movies ...1 was a weepy so that helped..(feeling pretty sorry for myself)...wait 4 this : my daughter had 5 teenage friends 4 a sleepover last night...yes 5!!! she is 13 & has this planned 4 ages..well she made pizza for tea ..then they all got ready and went to a local pre-teen disco...oh did transport bless him...they stayed up most of night chatting I think but I didnt hear them...then my daughter made pancakes 4 brekkie and messed around while I watched movies with headphones...then oh left them home.....goes to show they can manage without you if they have to ...moral of story is be good to yourself & take care of yourself...ps back to the point paracetemol & water only...not giving in...managed 1 shake so far...feel better soon emmievic & if possible get help with kids..take care
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I found on this diet the dreaded cold sore reared its head, and that was day 3!! I am sure last time it took weeks and weeks to feel poorly.
I know it is dreadful and you feel weak and not good but soon your body will fight it off and you will feel so good, its odd starving the body gives you so much energy.. Soon it will come to you xx

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