Feeling positive again!!!


After having a great day back on CD, I am feeling so great and in control. Last 2-3 months I had countless re-starts which didnt last beyond lunch hour but I have decided to take control of many things including the diet. I was very much going along with things but I came accross a phrase " Only dead fish flow along the water". I thought lets not be a dead fish and try atleast. I got 2stones to loose because I finally want to throw away this title of being fat which is part of me since childhood!!! I am so sick of being called "fatty" "chubby" etc...I am a size 12 and I still feel fat because thats how i felt since childhood. I came down from size 20 to 12 in past 3 years, using CD, Gym, Food optimization and what not. Last 2 stones to go, which I desperatly want to loose now, I would greatly appreciate the support and inspiration, therefore please post away your thoughts eveyone,
Glad you have had a good first day back on track.

I am starting tomorrow after allowing myself to spiral out of control and re-gain 2 stone of the 6 I had lost:eek: From tomorrow it'll be packs and water all the way.....

Keep up the good work and your 2 stone will be gone in the blink of an eye....

I'll be thinking about you Mich....looking forward to January already...:D