Feeling rather proud!!!


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I know the day isn't completely over but I am feeling rather proud of myself!!

I have had 2shakes today, and am half way through my 3rd litre of water!! Been pee'in like a racehorse tho lol, got scared earlier, was on my break chatting away holding my pee, then I stood up to go to the toilet and I had this crazy pain in my belly I was close to tears!!! Went toilet lol that seemed to never end but then the pain was gone. Lesson learnt don't hold my pee! ( I never have before as I had problems as a child and always listened to my body when it come to going toilet!)
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If you aren't careful you might have to invest in some Tena Lady products. ;)

You are off to a good start. I am impressed with how well you are getting the water in -- that is always very difficult for me.

But "the more you drink, the more you shrink".