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Feeling really down and depressed


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I am so fed up. All I can think about it food, all day, every day. I am addicted. I could eat and eat, well past being full, to the point where I am in pain, like I used to do. I'm fed up of being exhausted, moody, snappy, emotional, fed up of the snide comments about the diet, fed up of living an anti-social life. I CANNOT socialise when on CD, tried it and failed miserably... I'm just not strong enough. I have no will power, I have to just stay away from food. I'm sick of hiding in the bedroom while my family eats, I'm sick of sitting in front of the pantry, sitting on my hands to stop them picking and just looking at and smelling the food.

I've been so tired the last few weeks that I've messed the girls bedtime routine up, so settling them tonight has been exhausting. I battled with my 2 year old for 3 hours, she was just screaming at me. I've got such a killer headache now and all I want to do is eat something carby because I'm so tired I can barely type. I just need some energy, I'm too tired to even cry and let my anger out.
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Aw sweetie. Whats brought this on? It seems a bit sudden and unlik e you.


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I've felt like it for a few weeks Lexie, just not been posting because I've been bottling it up, plus I've been too tired to keep up with the forums. I've been 100%, but its causing real problems. Sam just got home, we've had a chat and I'm going to go back to see my GP about maybe needing to go back on the anti-depressants for a while. I might switch to weight watchers too, CD making me feel really 'messed up' about food


If thats what you have to do to keep you mentally happy then I don't see why not.

Should never bottle it up, its good to know I'm not the only person venting on here.

Get to the GP this week then?

I'm sorry you're feeling so guff. :hug99:
Really sorry to hear you're feeling so fed up hun. It's horrible when you feel depressed. This diet plays havoc with moods sometimes. Big hugs x


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It sounds like you're doing the right thing in talking to someone and to your GP. Don't beat yourself up, just try to concentrate on what you can do to help improve things from now on.

I hope you feel better soon and remember everyone is here for support if you need it from us :)

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Sorry to hear you're going through a rough time. If you're thinking of going to a different diet where you'll lose slower why not just go up to 1200 or 1500 on CD. Peeps are still losing on these plans and you'll keep off all the weight you've already shed. It's not good that you're so unhappy and it seems like you're punishing yourself which you can't continue to do to yourself. You don't deserve to feel like that. The higher plans have so much choice and you'd get your social life back and the family could eat the same meals as you xxx

Thinking of you and sending hugs hun xxx

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