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feeling really down!

Hi everyone! im new to the lipotrim diet, had my first weigh in yesterday due to shifts at wrk and have lost 7lbs! really happy about that, only prob is that i weighted myself today ( naughty i know) and had gained 2lbs :eek: when i have been 100% TFR today and for last 3 days, have to admit i did eat low cal evening meal on first 3 days but def not since especially as weigh in was so good and hadnt even completed first week! am wondering if it could be TOTM as i always put at least 4-5lbs of water weight on during that time and am on implant so no way of knowing for sure! sorry for the rambling long msg-if anyone could give any advice it would be much appreciated!
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your weight changes every day, you should try only get weighed once a week when you go to the pharmacy if possible. stick with it you will be fine :) ... hmm about the totm thing i cant help there unfortunately lol :whistle:
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I agree with Chuck. Dont feel disheartened, could be your time of the month, you weighed yourself after drinking loads of water or after you had just exercised. I too would recommend just one weigh in a week other wise you will become disheartened when you have lost a lb. Remember what you lost could have been water so I wouldn't worry. Keep your head up your doing fine :) xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Well done on your first great loss. Don't worry about any fluctuations in your weight. Once you are 100% TFR and drinking your water you will have your losses. Some weeks will be less or more but overall you will average a stone a month. It really does work so don't lose heart. Keep at it!!
S: 20st11lb C: 16st2lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 31.5 Loss: 4st9lb(22.34%)
I'm the opposite I love weighting myself every day. I also have spread sheets of my weight losses activity and energy levels.

If you do choose to be come a serial weigher its just important to only focus on your "overall" losses rolling monthly average etc.

I didn't loose anything Friday and Sat then today I have lost 4lbs! chances are I will put some back on before i have another big loss, then my weekly weight in.

I love it so interesting on how your body reacts to massive weight losses.


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