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Feeling Really Happy Today :D


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Well I feel like ive been on here all morning but just got myself ready and thought cause its so hot outside I would wear a summer dress...

All my dresses are small sizes from when i was slim and i pulled out the dress that i was wearing when i met my boyfriend two years ago....

Its a navy dress with little pink and light blue flowery pattern around the bottom .. sounds minging but ensure you its not lol..

But i looked at the tag and its a size 10 from primark and I looked at it and thought as if i used to buy siz 10 dresses I have alot of 12's as thats usually what id buy...

I decided to try squeeze myself into the dress and it actually slipped right on and fits!!!! :eek:

I am wearing a size 10 dress :D its crazy! ive gone from a 14/16 to a 10/12 in 6 weeks!

My boyfriends coming to pick me up soon and we are going out for a walk at a park along the lake i wanted to do exercise but its too hot to go for a run yet so settling for a stroll instead

I carnt wait to show off me in the dress he met me in 2 years ago I hope he appreciates it!

I may try take a before and after pick to see if I can tell the difference in what I look like...

Anyways im sorry if Ive gotten on anyones nerves posting this as I dont at all mean to be throwing this in anyones face if they are feeling down, I hope everyone just starting out in 6 weeks time can do this too :D

As curlys post said earlier .. CD has changed my life too :D
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You're def not throwing it in anyones faces. It's brilliant!!! It will inspire those who are just starting and reminds me that it's also happening to me. It's the best feeling in the world (well hahahaha there are others of course!!) to put something on that has meaning and it fits. I have a little silk vest top that i was going to wear when my boyfriend and i moved in together nearly 3 years ago for our first party. For some reason I didn't wear it (was going through a lot at the time) and have never fitted into it since. I know when i'm at goal we will go on a date together and I will be wearing that top. It's hanging in my wardrobe where I can see it xxx


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awww thats such a good idea :D I bought stuff when i was bigger in denial in size 12 and yesturday i found a dress in my wardrobe with tags still on and pulled it out and it was the size 12 dress id thrown in my wardrobe when i was too fat for it thinking ill fit in that when i manage to loose weight.. that was before xmas and yesturday i fitted into that too and its really quite small as it doesnt have much elastic around the chest area and my chest tends to make things tight lol so yeah im so happy :D

My friends on her first day on CD today and shes got 2 stone to lose the amount ive already lost so im trying to spurr her through the tough days ..

Let us know when you go on that date in your top :)


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Well done Amanda thats amazing hon....... So happy for you.. You must feel fantastic.. and excited...... I feel like a little child again when I get into something that I cant believe Im in.......
I bet your boyfriend will be so proud of you....
Keep smiling and your definatley not throwing anything in anyones face you are proud to have achieved so much.. and I think you have done fab..
Have a lovely walk and enjoy the sunshine xx


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well done! I don't see how it could be viewed as getting in anyones faces otherwise we'd all be hiding andy time we had a success story!

I bet you look and feel fantastic, well done!

Times like this I wish you could bottle that CD feeling for the tough times!


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That's brilliant, Amanda! I hope you suitably strut your stuff when you're out on your stroll! lol x
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That's great, what an amazing feeling! You have every right to be happy and proud of yourself and it's good to have positive posts as well for when people are having trouble with the diet.

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