Feeling really hungry.. Please help


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Sorry your feeling hungry, I felt a bit rough on day 6 and 7 too. Try upping the water if you can, I took to bed for a couple of hours when it happened to me.

If you must you can have another pack and no it wont take you out of ketosis. Its better to have a pack rather than anything else

Hope you get through it ok.


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My CDC told me if I was feeling hungry to drink 2 glasses of water. Water definately makes you feel less hungry, and, to quote someones signature I read 'The more you drink, the more you shrink!'

Stick with it, you're doing great!


How tall are you? You can have 4 anyway if you are over 5'8. I don't as my CDC never said anything about it and I'm fine on 3 and dont wanna pay the extra! But, if it stops you having a binge it's gotta be better to have the extra shake!


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I'm the same Lalit! Day 7, and today is the first day i have been really tempted to eat. Havent yet tho! I would go to bed early, but i wanna stay up for LOST at 10.00! Think i will have another pack. Think you should do the same!