Feeling really lethargic today. Is this normal?


Hi Guys

I woke up this morning and I was ready to conquer the world and thought I had the energy to do so. But I have been feeling really lethargic ever since having my banana shake this afternoon. I have been just so down!! I was postive about this diet before but now I just want fish and chips with loads of salt and vinegar and to be rid of this stupid diet.

My fiance says the stone I have practically lost in the first week hasnt made any difference to my shape and he is so disappointed that I wont be going to his house for dinner on sunday. I would sit and have a soup with them only his mum is the kind of person who had only met me for abotu 3 days and then handed me a book called fat nation and asked me to read it.

Is it normal to feel so down and lethargic. Do you think its because of the diet or because Im missing food or because of what my fiance said, or What?
Is it normal to feel so down and lethargic. Do you think its because of the diet or because Im missing food or because of what my fiance said, or What?

A combination of all of them. Once the first week's euphoria has faded, it can feel a bit bleurgh, but just remind yourself why you're doing this. You will succeed, you just need to commit to it, and stick with it.
I have commited to it but I dont want to be sticking to a diet if its that thats making me feel poo!! And especially if there is no difference to the way I look after 1 stone (13.5lbs actually). I was really happy with my lose so far and I havent even got to the week mark but now I just wanna give up and eat normally!
It's such a big change you are bound to feel down at times, just like everyone does. I know what you mean, and I think your fiancee should be more supportive - it's hard when you see someone on a day-to-day basis to see changes that occur, but I bet other people would. And anyway - that's a fab result, and every journey starts with a single step.

So, you could either eat that food, or make them eat their words <------ nothing tastes as sweet as victory happygal ;)
He was actually comparing a photo of me when I started and one of taken a few hours ago. Front view side view and back view. AND any time I ask him if I look as if Im losing weight he says that the scales seem to think so!! He was so supportive at the start so I dont know what is happening!!
Maybe he'd scared? My DH went through something similar when I first started - was incredibly supportive, then as the weight started falling off he got insecure, worried and less supportive.

You've got through the tough first week - are you really gonna stop now? It could be anything making you feel the way you are, don't just assume it's the diet.

Puddy is right - make them eat their words
Just try and 'keep your own counsel' as my gran would say happygal! I think the thing is if people don't have to diet themselves they don't understand it that well you know...it looks a simple equation doesn't it (i.e. food in less than food burned) but of course we know it's not like that.

If I were you I would just keep trucking because you have made amazing progress....think of your wedding dress for inspiration too hun!
hes probs scared youll lose the weight and run off :eek:
It does usally take a couple of stone gone for us to look differant so dont ose heart before you know it people will be going wow how did you do it.
As for not going to dinner tell him its not forever just until you get to goal
As D_Q says it's probably a combination of things making you feel down right now, but the really important thing to remember is that you are doing this for YOU 'cos you deserve it

As for him not noticing the change - well although Mr.D couldn't have been more supportive throughout my journey, he really didn't see it until I'd lost nearly 4stone - very frustrating
and no, he isn't that short-sighted lol Think it's 'cos he's with me every day - either that or he's extremely dense
Wonder if I should ask him which one

Mind you, he wasn't the only one - began to think all the peeps at work were blind too - took them almost as long. I've put a poster up at work now I'm a CDC and it shows before and after photo's - have been amazed at now many people keep saying they can't seem to remember that I was ever that big !!!!

Come on happygal - remember why you started this journey - you CAN do it - ONWARDS & DOWNWARDS :)
just wanted to say something that no one seems to have mentioned so far... now I'm not a cdc so maybe I'm wrong but I thought that a lot of the 1st weeks loss would be mainly glycogen and water not fat. So although you've had a fantastic loss already it wouldn't really make that much difference to how you look really would it??

I read in someone's diary on here once (cant remember who's sorry and no idea if it's true or not) that it's not untill day 10 or 11 that you start burning fat properly. I thought that was a good way to look at it and so wasn't too disappointed when I didn't seem any different to how I was before.

I did also feel pretty lethargic on day 6 too. For me it was my first and only day off work that week and I think it just all caught up with me. It does sound like you've had a pretty busy week from what I've read so maybe that's all the lethargy is for you too.