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Feeling really peckish!!


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Please tell me to stop thinking about food and go do something useful instead!!

I'm on here looking through messages when there are dishes to be cleaned, a load to put in the washing machine, I need to hoover. The list goes on forever it seems and all I want is 5000 Mcvities caramel digestive biscuits!!! AARRRGGHHH :cry:
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Ooo watch 10yrs younger instead on channel 4...love it.xx


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sometimes when i feel peckish i drink teh vegetable flavouring and it works! makes you feel full for a bit and after that you forget about the cravings ... watching 10 years younger helps too :)


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arghhh had the same thing today and the more i thought about different food... the more of a craving i got so i changed my dinner soup into a hot choc mint.... satisfied my sweet craving and filled me up for a while. im at home with my dad and brother and as unhelpfull they are with the diet they also will have a go at me for eating and wasting money so i cant snack lol
arghhh hope ill feel better tomorow


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I have been ironing every night for days now, and cleaning .
I hate ironing!!!
But it does keep me occupied, plus my flats never been so clean haha
Get focused woman - imagine how much housework you would need to do to burn off 5000 biscuits!! LEts get physical physical...I wanna get physical....oo sorry, 1970's (or was it 80's) singing moment there....and if noone knows what i am talking about I shall slink away quietly in my leg warmers and footless shiny tights...


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Mellie you made me laugh! yes of course we remember! or is it just us? :p i remember absolutley loving that stile leg warmers and all , and loving the hair as well!! the side of the head really high pony tails with very curly hair haha!
what about baby blue eyeliner and matching mascara, and pale pale pink lippy??!! and a fringe so heavily sprayed with hairspray it lifts in one whole piece LOL.....oh those were the days!


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haha well i was too young to wear makeup! but i just wanted to grow up fast to be able to be like those girls :) loved it and thought the minute i move out of my moms house thats the style i am going to have forever!
Now I feel sooooooooooooooo old lol....ooo I feel a WHAM moment coming on.,....now wheres that 'NOW 2' vinyl album gone....


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LOL! you are so funny! don't feel old feel wise!! :) i had some vynil albums when i was growing up too i loved them! specialy the christmas ones (even though i had to ask an adult to put them in for me lol :p )
sorry i took a while...i was busy perming my hair and looking for my off the shoulder jumper dress and pixie boots....


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off the shoulder dress! love it :)
so Penpen how are the cravings going? did you manage them? are they gone? hope you're better now


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aaah pixie boots, mine were blue velvet with little tassles at the back, god i loved those boots, and the leg warmers and the tights and i'd forgotten about the fringe that moved as one!!! My girls were looking through a photo album yesterday (rainy day pastime) and laughed so much at my big hair and couldnt work out how i got it to stay up! I had a cutting edge red sony walkman that was constantly with me too. I love reminiscing.......wake me up before you go go

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