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Feeling Rubbish :(

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I feel really down today. I weighed myself this morning and I've put on like 2lbs. I know it's not a absolutely massive amount to put on but it's made me feel really depressed.

I know I've been bad this week with it being Easter and Bank Holidays. The main reason I've gone over my Syns is alcohol. It's one of my best friends birthday and we always party hard for her birthday. Good Friday and Easter Sunday then an all day and night session on the Monday where I drank myself stupid and it's made my Syns go waaay over 105 this week.

I know I have to draw a line under it and be good next week. I'm flexi synning again as we are going out for the very last time on Saturday night to celebrate my friends birthday (she's like the queen...we celebrate a lot) and it's one of those BIG nights where I know I'll drink a lot. But I've wrote down my full weeks food diary for next week and have given myself up to 40 syns for Saturday night (which I know I WON'T go over cos that's a huge amount!)

WI on Saturday morning at 9am. I am dreading it. I need some inspiration and motivation. I wish I didn't drink alcohol!! :( :(
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Hey geordiegirl

Everyone has days like this, especially at times like Easter and birthdays! You've done really well by admitting that you had a bad couple of days and you're back on track planning your meals, for me I would probably find it hard to get myself back on it so well done. If you WI on a Saturday morning then after the next night out you have a whole week to fix any gains, or cut back on syns that week to make up for the night out?

Don't be so hard on yourself, everyone has to live a little sometimes! But you shouldn't weigh yourself in between WI days as your weight can really change in a short space of time, my weight has jumped 7lbs in one day before then gone straight back to normal the next day, so you might get a surprise at WI!
Hello..... aww hun, don't be down hearted, you can still claw it back for Saturday, have lots of speed food and drink plenty of water, also - remember, it's just one WI and one week, you get a whole new one next week to show them exactly what you are capable of, everyone is human, don't beat yourself up over it.

Good luck x


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aww bless you. what i think you need to think about is that you had a REALLY good time (by the sound of it!) and you enjoyed yourself and you've had a little gain, but that's worth it for the fun! you'll lose it again honey, those 2lbs will be a long distant memory soon but the memories of your fun weekend will stay with you! just stick to it x x


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If you want to go out and celebrate with your friends and drink alcohol for a special occasion then do it and enjoy it and be prepared to have a bit of a gain but then deal with that after! Easier said than done I know but as Woodsylou says those memories will last for ever...the pounds can be dealt with afterwards....good luck and enjoy your night out! xxx
C: 10st11lb G: 9st4lb
Thanks everyone :) I feel loads better now! I did have fun and Saturday is gonna be amazing so I'll just have to deal with it :) xxx


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i try not to weigh mid-week, as i am sometimes heavier, try to stick to once a week x
I personally would just be on plan 100% until you are out on Saturday night. I don't think 2lb gain is all that much for all that so you must have been being good inbetween. The important thing for me - is not letting it take over my life, if I am out then yes i try & not be silly & completely blow it, but hay lifes for living!!

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