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Feeling rubbish


So I have lost 14lbs in 11 days and I'm so happy about that, but I got looking at some old pictures today and then some recent ones, and well I think I am a lot bigger than I realised.

In my "small" pictures I felt fat then, but I would do anything to get back to that size.

I thought I would only have to lose another 2 stone, so I was thinking I could hit target by Jan time, but now I just feel its going to take a lot longer, and I don't know how long Ill be able to do Exante, because its causing problems between me and my husband.

He wants me to eat and hates that I don't, so I am thinking I might have to go onto another diet. I was happy to lose another stone on this and then get the last stone off my Atkins or WW, but now I think I need to stick to this longer to get the weight off quicker.

Have any of you tried Atkins? If so what is the weight loss like compared to Exante?

Just feeling so fat and huge right now. I have stuck to this diet 100% but I just want it off quicker. :(

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I think we all want to weight off quicker but honestly, your not going to find a faster way then VLCD.

How about go onto working solutions? Then you can sit down with hubby at night for dinner, it will mean a pound or so less lose a week but still be faster then most other diets
Thank you. Yes that is something I have considered. See even maybe just 3 or 4 nights a week I could have a low carb dinner. I do want fast weight loss and well after a stone off in 11 days I know this works, I'm just not sure how long I can do it for. I think I am best to take one day at a time and just carry on that way until it gets too much and hopefully the weight falling off will spur me on each day. xxx
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Hi LittlemissD, I have just re-started Exante and my hubby was the same way....personally I think he is a bit insecure because he isn't as fit as he should be either and we have been totally honest about it to each other. He feels because I am doing this, he should diet too and that has made him uncomfortable..He loses and puts on weight like I change undies! Lucky beep lost 3 stone in 8 weeks and looks great, but it is a lot harder physically and emotionally for me to just 'eat right' and after a heart to heart he is backing me 100% and keeping my pint glass full! (of water lol) And he is cutting out eating so many doughnuts to help himself feel better too.
I like the idea of having a low carb dinner though when you just want to chill out together, but I tried that when I was on LL a while back and it made me faulter after a few weeks of 'dabbling' low fat meals then strict days. Let us know your compromise? Good luck xx

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