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Feeling Sad :(


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My fiancee and i are getting married next year, which i am totally over the moon about, but we are on a very strict budget. Now 2 of our friends got engaged last night and plan to get married next august/september. She's asked me what date i'm getting married on so it doesn't clash, which is nice, but i know my wedding is going to be compared to hers, we have the same circle of friends, and both of them have parents who are able to pay for the wedding. She is the only daughter, as am i, but my dad isn't around so wont pay for anything, my mum can't afford to substantially contribute and my OH's parents are just a waste of time! I'm just feeling really sad that her wedding is going to be so much classier than mine and i'm feeling really sad about it cos we've been working so hard to organise it and now it all seems pointless, we should have just got married in the week just the 2 of us like i first suggested :(
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oh don't be sad!! I've been to a couple of weddings and I least enjoyed the more expensive weddings tbh, there wasn't that much atmosphere and everyone was sitting down instead of dancing and having a proper party :D.
I wouldn't let it bother you that much it's suppost to be the happiest day of your life :D
Don't feel sad, remember why you are getting married - that is the most important thing, the commitment you are making to each other - not who can have the best party!!
Hubby and I got married abroad just the 2 of us and been happy for 14 years xx
Have the wedding that YOU want and can afford, dont be worrying about what other people are doing. Your mate obviously cares or wouldnt be worrying about the lash of dates. Be happy for each other and like I say have your wedding your way !!
A wedding can be amazing on a low budget. We got creative and did everything on £1400 including the rings. We had 160 guests and it was hard work, but I think we loved it more for all the work we put in! It was more magical than I could have imagined it would be, yours will be too.

Just ignore the other wedding and think about your relationship and what you want to reflect on the day. The music and the readings and the people you can involve will be what make it.

I had a cousin get married a year after my wedding, and they spent £30K and it wasn't a patch on ours, because they had focused so much on the details, gettign the perfect menus and flowers and miss out on the energy and emotion.

My friends filled the church with lavendar that we collected on the morning of the wedding from our own gardens and one of my uncles sang for us and I love cooking, so did all the food myself and it was all so simple and so fantastic, and people commented that they'd never been to a wedding where everyone was smiling so much. Get creative, make it your own love it :)


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Me and my OH are paying 100% for our wedding - and some close friends are also getting married and having 'help' from family - i do get jealous when i know i will have a little debt the other side of our big day.

The crux of the matter is though - its the start of your lives together, a marriage - not just about the wedding!

Enjoy everything - and you will most likely have a much better dress than her (hehe!) *big hug*

oh and another thing - least you dont need to report into anyone or get approval cos someone is paying for things - your way 100%!!!! no having to please people - hoorah!

'The soon to be Mrs' Ellebear! x


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Oh my goodness guys thank you so much! I know, i just feel bad that we've been working so hard. I am so in love with my OH and he's the one who wanted the big party! I'm doing everything myself. I'm happy as long as the place looks pretty and everyone has enough food to eat and the music is flowing.

Thanks for your support ladies :) xx


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Thanks Ellebear :) you're 100% correct, i'm very lucky that my friends, not shared ones are helping me with my wedding presents as things for the wedding, ie photo's, hair and make up and cake, so some things i don't need to worry bout.

It is all about us, it is our wedding and nobody can tell me to do anything which is great! xx


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Thanks Ellebear :) you're 100% correct, i'm very lucky that my friends, not shared ones are helping me with my wedding presents as things for the wedding, ie photo's, hair and make up and cake, so some things i don't need to worry bout.

It is all about us, it is our wedding and nobody can tell me to do anything which is great! xx
I am always looking for fun creative ideas on 'rock my wedding' - its an online blog that i adore!!!! they have a DIY bride section - hope that helps you find a new idea for your special day xxxx
Thanks Elle :) Much appreciated xx
I know how you feel. My brother got remarried the same year I did, the difference is that they had a huge budget and hubby and I had a total budget of £1500 and that included our honeymoon.

We did everything ourselves. I made the invites, my jewellery, cake, food, etc. We had 70 at our reception and it was a great laugh.

At my brothers wedding 2 months later my uncle mentioned to hubby that ours was the best wedding he had ever been to because it was so friendly and all about us.

When his daughter got married last year I noticed many of the things that we had done for our wedding.

Basically what I am trying to day is that you have the time to make your wedding all about the two of you and a very special day even if you are on a very small budget.
Some lovely comments. I just wanted to add, it doesn't matter how much money is spent on the wedding as long as you're married.

Ellebear is right, you've nobody to put their opinions on what you should & shouldn't do.

We got married mid week which saved a lot of money & we paid for everything ourselves, except the church flowers:rolleyes: MiL said we must have flowers at the church, I didn't want them so she paid & had the flowers, happy days;)
Tinksie.... Im also getting married next year and this is also going to be on a budget, my cousin as also just told me that he plans to propose to his girlfriend in a few weeks and the engajement ring as cost him more than our wedding will cost us. To me a wedding isnt about how much money you throw at it or how spectacular it is, its about the 2 of you and that fact that your going to spend the rest of your lives togeather.... Enjoy it... I know I cant wait for my budget wedding day
Thanks ladies, it's lovely to have such kind words, and so many people in the same situation :)

I'm really looking forward to being a wife more than the wedding, i really don't like being the centre of attention! Any money saving ideas would be handy for those of you that would like to share would be much appreciated :)

One funny thing now that i've thought about it, the lady who was preparing our food will be mother of the groom so i better check the offer still stands and she's not too busy with their wedding! lol xx
Im getting my wedding dress from a company on line www.weddingdressonlineshop.co.uk The dress iv seen and fell in love with is only £120.

Im making my flower arrangements myself. Iv surfed the net till I saw an arrangement I loved, but at £45 it was way out of my budget, so I saved the picture in my favourate list and bought the flowers off ebay so I can make them up myself, this as cost me £8 off ebay all in. Im also making the wedding cake myself, there is some lovely cheep stands on ebay, so im making indevidual cupcakes so all my guests can have one then on the top im making a simple sponge cake, but theres loads of companies on line that will print any picture and or wording onto edible icing. We cant afford a night do, so after the wedding, were going back to my dads (the home I grew up in) and having a marquee in the garden. Iv also bought my wedding jewlery off ebay, including our rings.
Wow that's amazing! Well done you, thanks for the tips, although my best friend's MiL is making our cake for us, as our present and i'm not allowed cupcakes! There's always ways of cutting back, i'm making all my invites and table runners and i got 200 metres of banquet roll for £5 on ebay! So i've made some good savings. I think i've looked at that site, is UK based? The dress i've seen is on a site called bosgoo and it's about £150 with postage :) x
Yea, its uk based, will have a look on your site though, its always worth a looksie lol....
oooohh I love a good "budget" wedding -
when me n hubby to be were planning on getting married we set a budget of £5000 -now there was no way I wanted to spend that much :giggle: -In the end we came in at about £2000 -and everyone who attended said it was the most relaxed and enjoyable wedding they had been too, so much so that only 1 person made it to work the following day :drunk: -and he had to come home early as he realised he was still "tiddly popped"
Both of us lost our dads at an early age and neither of us wanted a financial contribution -but my mum was a bloomin god send -she made:-
the bridesmaids dresses -used to be a seamstress
made the wedding cake -used to make them as a side line *and my mum makes the yummiest cakes EVER* ;)
she used leftover fabric from the bridesmaids dresses to make napkin rings, I x-stitched everyones names on and they looked great..
oooh and guess who did the flowers too :p *gotta love mums* :heartpump:
I didn't want flowers on the tables so I got small terracotta flowerpots and my brother grew herbs in them -so not only did they look lovely, smell wonderful -but there was no worry about the littlies getting hold of them ;) and there was almost a fight as so many people wanted to take 1 home :p
we got really lovely choccies (anthony berg) and had them on the tables, and we had a sit down meal for all 50 people who were invited - we only wanted family and 2 best friends
My brother took the photos and they were great...

As long as you stick to what YOU and hubby to be want and make it personal you will have a ball... I swear, when I look back I can't think of 1 thing I would change and its still often mentioned as one of the best days folks have had :D

Your wedding sounds so lovely! I've already got so much of my stuff sorted so it's all good, i know what i want and i can see it in my head, but making it look right, that's where the trouble may be!

Friend has now told me they're aiming for the week before, exactly ONE week!! How close! I've been planning for over a year and she gets married before me! I just want to be Mrs O! lol xx

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