Feeling shakey & feint today..

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
It's day 8 for me & I feel incredible tired, shakey & feint (almost feinted a while ago)
had 2 packs today so far so haven't cut out or anything...
...also finding it very hard to get the water into me, it's actually making me feel sick & I am gagging on it, have had 2.5 litres so far...

Anyone got any ideas or help please?
Oh Anna honey, that's so mad cos i just posted a note to you on Gen's diary saying you never complain and are always so positive!!!! haha

Well, maybe this is nothing to do with the diet at all? Seems like you're doing everything right. Where are you right now? Home or work?

Do you suffer from fainting feelings normally?
sorry to hear you're eeling like that.

Have you tried warming the water up to drink it? that might make it slightly easier
2.5 litres so far... thats loads! I'm only at 1.5 at this time of day!!! Try cold or room temp water... I have found it can make a difference!

Sounds like u need a rest!

Stick with it- I bet it's tough; think of the prize!

Am on msn if it's driving you mad!

Thoughts are with you
hiya anna

would you be hormonal at all??? I know that when i was hormonal on CD i did get a bit light headed and felt a bit crappy but only for my first day of my period.... would that be it girl??

try to move slowly and sit down as much as possible and if you can at all drink the water... i find drinking it at room temperature is much better..

hope you feel ok soon


Gen xx
Hi Anna - sorry ur not feeling too good :( could you face a wee half pack ?? maybe you need something to 'eat' ???

sorry not much help really - feel better soon.....hugs x
Thanks for all the words of support!
No I'm not hormonal... well no more than your average woman anyway!!!
And no I'm not generally someone who has feinting spells..
Anyway, I was grand after just a spell I went through, sure I'm fine now!!
Thanks everyone!
I had real trouble with the water, I now buy sainsburys sparkling water as its cheap, & I use the berries flavouring & I find it so easy to drink water now.