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Feeling sickly...

I was just wondering if anyone had experienced a feeling of real nausea? I am in my 3rd week and although sometimes still feel hungry, have been getting passed it with sipping water and the good old coffee now and then. But today I feel as tho I could throw up? I am not preggars before anyone suggests that!

Would it just be because my tummy is so empty?
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Depends really, you can feel empty and therefore a bit sickly but not to the point of actually being ill.

It could therefore be you have a tummy bug or even an intolerance to the packs although after 3 weeks I would have thought it would have shown up by now.

Anyway if you aren't feeling 100% soon then I would recommend a visit to the GP and just check over that you are safe and sound.


Thanks Mike,

I dont think I would be sick, just feel it... Away to have my flab jack - see if that helps!


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I had occasional feelings of nausea......I found changing the times I had my drinks helped.....or try halving a pack now and again may help.
Thanks, took me about half an hour to eat the flab jack, but thatys prob becasue tehy are so dry! Feeling better now, maybe was just feelig too hngry? Roll on weigh in on Fri! AM starting to feel the loss now. Woo Hoo!


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How did you find the flapjack....I personally couldnt stand them....would rather chew on a cardboard box.......lol.
I have heard some people put them in the microwave for a few seconds to soften them......
I have been having one flap jack every day since the start of week 2 and to begin with i
..... SORRY... I was saying...

To begin with I was just happy with having something to chew - even tho I found them vile, but this week I have found them tougher to get them over my thoat. Am thinking maybe now that the real hunger has gone am not so desperate to chew and the real taste of them are hitting me now? Does that make any sense?

So how have you foudn being off the plan? I know you'll be gaining baby weight but do you think you have kept of the bad weight that you lost on Lipo?

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