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Feeling so crap

Hi everyone,

I feel so down!!! I had a full on flu last week and my pharmacist told me I should eat in order to get better quicker and this would only take a week out of my lipotrim diet. I didn't for the first few days but then I got worse and gave in. Although I'm feeling fine now and back to normal, I've put on 3 Lbs. And yesterday I found out I failed my advocacy assessment for my LPC. I feel so **** and crap. :( Had a little cry and now I can't stop crying. :(

I don't know who to turn to because no-body actually knows I'm on this diet apart from my brother and we're not on talking terms at the moment. I feel so alone and depressed. My weight is making me feel more crap. I keep asking myself why anybody would bother with me because I'm so fat!

Sorry for the rant.
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Oh Honey that is awful never feel alone. We are all here. but have you thought of confiding in someone else its hard but they could help support you in this. Also as for coming off for a bit dont dwell on that just look forward. You have made the decision to start again so be proud of yourself for doing that

Hope xx
Thanks Hope, you're right I do need to tell someone but sad as it sounds I don't think I could tell anyone without them having a little laugh and giggle about it!

I've just gotta keep myself occupied and look forward to the next weigh-in I guess.

Yup I know how bad i felt before I told anyone and after the initial rubbish they give you they usually come round pretty quick as the results speak for them selves!! I am in that position of trying to keep occupied so I feel that!! but seriously if you need anyone to talk to just post on here or private message someone. Its always good to talk to someone and nine times out of 10 someone on here is going through something pretty similar or has done xx


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Hi Sandy,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so down just now:hug99:

The 3lbs gain is most lightly glycogen and you will have it off again very soon.

Hang in there.

Love Mini xxx


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Oh Sandy. Don't be sad. The eating when you had flu is done and gone. You have your own path to slimdom to follow so don't you worry about what other people say or think. When you get stuck come online for all the support you need. Good luck for your future dieting. x
Thanks Hope and Mini,

Your comments really helped :)

I've just had my second milkshake so if I can last until tomorrow I know I'm back on track and I hope I do have the 3 Lbs and more off by next week :).

Love Sandy xxxx
Hi Annie, I just saw your comment after I posted.

Firstly I want to say that you look great in your picture!! Your picture is an inspiration as are your, Hope's and mini's weight loss stats! I hope to have lost that much one day!!

Thank you for your support hun :) And you're right I really shouldn't care what others say... I'm doing this for myself.



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Sandy dont worry wot anyone thinks your the one that it going to benefit from this diet chin up and well done xx.
Hi there
I so feel for u atm. i was sooo down earlier on in the wk....had a big row wiv my bf, best m8 aint here...god really was the worst monday EVER. but dont ever feel down and alone cuz we're all here for u if u need some1 to talk to. chin up....its all up, up, and up for here on in andas soon as u start losin the lbs it'll really inspire u to keep goin. well done for losin a stone in ur 1st wk. Thats amazin!!
Hi Sandy , hope your feeling much better now, as already said dont dwell on your ickle slip up;).
I know what you mean about keeping the diet to yourself, I did the same and then thought better of it and told everyone, it actually helped me because I got all the doubting Thomas's giving it large, well, as I posted last night it tasted so sweet going out last night and smiling sweetly into said Thomas's faces.
You just crack on where you left off and you will be cool:cool: X
Sandy, don't despair. I had a bad cold and ate some toast (a few weeks ago). I didn't gain, but I just went straight back onto the diet and didn't dwell on it.

I always think of that line from the Amy Winehouse song "You Know I'm No Good": "I Cheated Myself...." whenever I think of food
Hi everyone, thanks so much for all your support.

You will be glad to know I've currently lost 4 Lbs. Weigh-in day is Thursday so I still have 4 more days to lose more!!

Love Sandy xxxx


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Hi everyone, thanks so much for all your support.

You will be glad to know I've currently lost 4 Lbs. Weigh-in day is Thursday so I still have 4 more days to lose more!!

Love Sandy xxxx
Well done Sandy!!!:party0011::party0011::party0011:

Love Mini xxx
well done sandy. its good to know that you can start over again and im sure you will loose more by thursday. I havnt weighed but have been very down and miserable this weekend - almost glad to get back to work so i dont have to see, smell and think about all the food i am surrounded by at home !!! this is my second week and i am really stuggling- hanging in there but really struggling.:wave_cry:

well done
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hi s-sarah,
week 2 is a bit pants but battle through and week 3 will be better!
my week 2 was yonks ago lol! BUT my boyfriend had a bad week 2 and really struggled, lost 3 pounds and was REALLY disapointed but then last week (his week 3) was much much easier and he lost 5 pounds today!
also my mum did her week 2 last week and struggled..lots of temptations at work and feeling down, long days at work and the minimum sleep but is already feeling better today(her first day of week 3)!
its a very simple diet but also not to be fogotten is that it's a really tough one and once you've got through these hard bits you will be SO proud and happy with yourself!
keep that determined spirit!
fran :))

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