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feeling so discouraged :(-updated after weigh in!

have stuck to this 100% all week, weigh in is tomorrow, and going by my scales and my friend's scales(which weighed the same as CDC's scales) I have only lost 2 pounds.All this effort for 2 lbs???At this rate it's going to take over a year to lose weight :( Feeling so fed up and wondering if it's really worth all the agony of not eating.And I know overall I'm doing well, but if it stays at a measly 2 or 3 lbs a week I just won't be able to stick to it :(
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Stubborn tortoise
Rose, don't let this throw you off track... I honestly think your body sometimes takes a while to catch up. Bet you get a better loss next week. Yes, it takes time to lose the weight, but it's far faster on CD than with a conventional diet... what are your options? Would you have even tried CD if you believed an ordinary diet would work for you? Please don't be discouraged honey, I know it's hard, but some weeks really are tougher than others and maybe next week you will sail through, not feel hungry and get a great loss. Keep your eyes on the prize.
So thats 30.5 lbs in a month if you've lost 2 lbs this week! Over 2 stone in a month?! You should be thrilled with that, like LS says the average is a stone a month, you've lost double that, what other diet could you lose that amount in!


can see the end in sight!
i have lost 7.5 lbs in the last three weeks which is infuriating and frustrating, so i know how you feel. i have moved up to SS+ for this week to see if that kick starts my metabolism but maybe that isn't for everyone. i think it does take your body a while to catch up, and like everyone says, it's still a loss! your losses have been fab so dont worry about it too much, just keep going and stay motivated! maybe measure yourself as well? i know in the last 2 weeks i have lost 2 inches off my waist and 2 and a half off my hips, so it can show in other ways too.


Week 1:20lbs lost!!!! :Dweight 21-6
Week 2:3.5lbs lost.:rolleyes:weight 21-2.5
Week 3:5lbs lost.:Dweight 20-11.5
Week 4:
Week 5:
In 4 weeks you have lost 30.5lbs. Thats 2 and a bit stone. I appreciate THIS WEEK your feel discouraged, but don't give in.

Some people settle into a weight loss groove, and my CDC told me that one girl who went to her lost 5lbs on week, 2 the next, 5lbs after 2 the next. Like clockwork, but she still lost the 1st a month.

Also TOTM due?

Bet next weeks result makes up for this weeks/balances it out. Honestly!
Barbiegirl is right, the last 2 weeks I haven't noticed a big loss on the scales but when I measured myself I had lost 5" off my waist. I thought my clothes seemed a bit looser but couldn't understand why the weight was the same.

Laura x


Cambridge Consultant
tomorrow is another day and u may have lost more on the scales..

You have done amazingly well so far... so you should be really proud of yourself ...

I only lost two pounds this week, and I had done loads of exercise but Im due on.... I havent done anything different than any other week.. and I dont eat anything so its not like I could of cheated.

Our bodies work in strange ways but I can assure you if your sticking to it, it will definatley come off!

Hang in there and chin up.
Sweetheart, LOOK at what you've already lost!!!! You've done soooo much better than I have! Instead of beating yourself up about 'only' 2lbs, you should be pleased as punch, thats 2lb's less than you would've been if you wern't doing it. But you've done so much more than 'just' 2lb's, remember that! BUT, ladies, why oh why do I keep reading posts from those who weigh themselves at home before official WI day??? I took the batteries out of my scales, we don't know for sure they are the same as the CDC's scales, I like the sense of anticipation myself. Keep going hunnie, and good luck xx
weighing in the morning or evening can make a big difference. Try to get weighed first thing in the morning if not get weighed same time every week
Rose you ave had fantastic losses so far and eventually they will need to slow down. The fact is if you are 100% you WILL lose and every lb counts
Back from weigh in-I lost 3.5 lbs which is Ok I suppose-TOTM started right before I weighed in so I guess that's why it wasn't a lot this week-but I lost an inch off my bust and 3 inches off my waist!!!!Nothing off my hips whioch doesn't surprise me as I always lose it up top first :D So all in all I'm happy :)
Thats great!
I have lost 2st 7lbs, it does not seem a lot at times, then I think.

2st 7lbs = 35 lbs
35 lbs =70 pkts lard
I visualise that lard piled on my cupboard and think WOW!!:)

3.50 is 7 pkts of lard which is loads
hopefully we are not loosing muscle, bone or skin it is pure FAT, think of stuffing it under your skin:eek:


Stubborn tortoise
Well done Rose... see!!!! You are doing SOOO well. I'd kill to get back to great losses like 3.5! Stick with it honey, you can do this.
well done rose xx

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