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feeling so down and dissapointed with myself

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
I could cry!
I'm having a hard time at the moment in other parts of my life, in my normal way I have turned to food and fallen off the wagon big time over the last few days!
I'm so cross, have mae myself feel like cr*p and dont know what to do!
How can I be so stupid? Feel embarressed even coming on here :cry:
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don't beat yourself up - you are only human and these things are sent to try us!
just look on the positive side you have done absolutely brill your weight loss to date is amazing .Just put the little slip behind you x I totally admire and hope i can find a fraction of your willpower
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oh hun, i am sorry to hear you are having a hard time of things lately.

But lets be positive here, you cam beack to minimins :) That means you haven't given up really :)

I think the best thing you can do is write off the last couple of days and go back on the LT asap. Once you are into ketosis you will be back in the race.

Don't consume yourself with guilt - it will only make you feel worse. Dust yourself off - call it a bad experience and move on :)

John F

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Hey there. Definitely come on to the forum and try not to feel shame or guilt or embaressment. We all know how hard the program can be at times, especially because I'm sure all of us have used food as a crutch of one form or another for years. We're all trying to break that habit.

Just think to yourself, even if you quit completely now... given how successful the program has been so far, aren't you very likely to attempt it again in the future? I know I was.

And while it's hard to get back on the program after a slip, once you ARE back on, won't you regret not getting back on sooner?

So get back on it now. What's done is done, and you'll have to go through the "getting into ketosis" phase again. Believe me, that's punishment enough. (If you've forgotten after 17 weeks.)

Much better that you rejoin the program now, while you don't have extra weight to lose, than in six months when you probably would because you didn't refeed correctly coming off the program.

FYI, I've bookmarked your profile. And I will be checking that you log in and let us know how your next 7 days go, as well as your next weigh in!

You've done it before. You can do it again.


Here we go again!
Don't be too hard on yourself, afterall we all have little blips every now and then.

You have done so well up to now and the weight you have lost is amazing. You are an inspiration to many newbies like myself so just dust yourself down and get back into the plan. Good luck. I look forward to hearing about the rest of your successful journey.
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Mrs Bee... first thing u did was come on here and thats good, cos it means you want to do this. ok draw a line under what has gone on and think to yourself tomorrow is a new day and i can make a new start. get your head straight and say i can get through today at least. then by the end of the day getting through it will make u go on to day 2 and day 3 etc
you will be ok. read everything on here and get strength from the forum, everyone has a hiccup now and again! i believe that deep down you want to do this.
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As people have said the first steps have already been taken gettting on here

just forget about it and have a fresh start at it im sure you will be fine


Getting thinner everyday!
aaahhh...sorry to read you've had a hard time of it recently.

Don't let the last few days detract from how well you've done. Your weight loss is fantastic. You are fantastic for sticking to it so long.

Tomorrow is another day. What's done is done.

Alex :)


I will be skinny again!!!
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Im sorry chick!! I hope your ok!!!

We have all turned to food when times get hard, that is a big problem for me aswell...
The best thing is to try and forget , get back on the bandwagon asap!!

If things get hard chick, instead of turning to food, try and come on here an talk to through first.. If you ever need any support just pm or ill send you my email address!!

Hope your ok chick xxxx


Is a loser :)
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Look, this is the whole point of this site support, we are not all going to be on this 100% most of us will come off the lipotrim wagon including myself at times and being able to come on here for support which is sometimes what we need so hang on in there tomorrow is a new day, new start and if it dont work tomorrow try the next day and the one after that....! xxxx jeez your only human
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Hey Mrs Bee, well done on fessing up, that's the first step. You can't change what has happened but you can learn from it. Remember how cr*p you are feeling now - you don't want to repeat that feeling do you? You have punished yourself enough and need to get right back on the wagon. It will be tough - the second time is - but we are all here for you.

Good luck and hang in there.

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Hey hun like everyone else has stated, dont let it drag ya down, ya made a mistake so learn from it and not every time we can be sane on a diet like this. Well done for admiting the problem to everyone on here but i know ya can back on to it straight away especially now when ya have your goal set. We are always here to lend a shoulder or to have a moan at and dont think for one minute that ya feel a failure cause ya are not!!

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
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Mrs Bee I feel the same as you, I'm struggling big time to get back on and lose the last 2 1/2 stone maybe a little more. I cant seem to get my head right its always next Monday. After reading everyones amazing losses yesterday I've decided I'm starting tomorrow (wednesday). There its in writing now we can do this and I know it works and have kept the weight I've lost so far off!! XX

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Thank you guys for all your kind words!
Have been feeling so guilty all day! Tomorrow I will be back on track, I have bought some ketostix today and packed shakes and water up for work tomorrow! I am quite scared that I am still using food as a crutch, hope I can work on this over the next few months!

Thank you again guys, big hugs to everyone for your support xxx


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like everyone says you came back on here next step is to get back into the shakes you prob not done too much damage good luck

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Yes I am, have a horrid headache and feel so hungry but have had 2 shakes already and 2L of water (thats alot for me!) guess I deserve to feel this way after what I have done!
Thanks for asking though and I will do my best now keep going!


I will be skinny again!!!
S: 14st10.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 2st12lb(19.37%)
Good luck chick!!

Try having an early night... Ive heard restarting is harder, its probably because your body has come out of ketosis and now it got used to having food etc and doesnt want to go back in again...
Food addiction is just like any other addiction. It's actually worse because with alcoholism or drugs you are advised to totally give up and not touch a drop. With food addiction food is all around you and at some point you have to go back to food to survive and people expect you to be able to control your addiction. I wish more people were understanding!

John F

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S: 19st1lb C: 17st2lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 1st13lb(10.11%)
"with alcoholism or drugs you are advised to totally give up and not touch a drop."
Absolutely true! Something I've told friends of mine before, but they don't seem to understand it. You can't tell an alcoholic to just have one drink. And you can't tell me to just have one slice of pizza. :)

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