Feeling so ill


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Got up this morning with the worst banging headache ever!! Thought it was the beginning of a cold as it was right across my forehead & the bridge of my nose also a wee bit sniffley. Had a coffee & 500mls water then curled up on the sofa. Just had my first shake & as soon as it hit my stomach brought it back up :cry:
Feeling a little sorry for myself & can't face another shake will this make too much of a difference not having 1?
Got another 500ml bottle of water & gunna curl up on the sofa for rest of day :cry:
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It can't make that much difference as long as it is not on a regular basis you will be fine. Do you have any bars, perhaps something solid in your tummy will help. Get well soon.


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If you have a viral bug then i had it too last week and it's not nice, i didn't get 1 shake down. I felt sick all the time, felt like someone was hitting my head with a brick and got really dizzy. Wish you better soon.


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I felt like this all day yesterday, but managed to keep shakes down, had them hot, vanilla, then 2 chocolate, don't know if having them hot helped, still feeling off today, but not as bad as yesterday. There is definately a bug going around a couple of colleagues were of work last week with it - just my luck to get it at the weekend! only had 1 shake so far today but plenty of water.