feeling sooooooo hungry and don;t know why?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by peppa, 24 October 2008 Social URL.

  1. peppa

    peppa Pwincess

    on day 7 and feel so so hungry why??? even waters not doing the trick:sigh:
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  3. bluegirl

    bluegirl Silver Member

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    Is it head hunger? I get that all the time, I think some people on here describe it as emotional hunger?

    K x
  4. kerry_berry

    kerry_berry Full Member

    Poor you! :(
  5. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    Ive been feeling hungry today to hun, I have to do something to try and take my mind of it like hot bath a good book long walks anything to stop me thinking about it.hope you are feeling better now.

    If you are realy hungry then maybe you should have a 4th shake today hun.xx
  6. karen.garraway

    karen.garraway Full Member

    Hi Tracey, have to say that on day 5 i was also tearing my hair out starving. I was determined not to give up but i had to have one meal. I chose a sweet and sour weight watchers ready meal which had low calories. When I had finished the meal I have to say - it was not worth it. Not only the guilt but it didnt change my hunger. i think now it was just the chewing i missed. I did lose 13 lbs on my first week so it didnt affect it too much. I am on day 11 and just cooked my husband and son burger and chips and it didnt bother me. It will get easier i promise, i am a person who ate like a pig and never thought i would do this. It did also help on my first week that i had a really good book on the go and when times were bad i took myself off to my bedroom and read. From week 2 you are allowed a bar in place of a shake and that it is great, they taste nice and you have something to actually eat.
    Keep going and good luck x
  7. Lard Arse

    Lard Arse Full Member

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    Have you tried a hot drink? That always takes the edge off it for me.xx
  8. buffydog

    buffydog Silver Member

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    i`ve had an extra half a shake today and might have to have another half soon, i know it`s just emotional hunger, but cant talk my way out of it. have also spent half an hour searching for low carb food to eat, but mangaed to stop myself eating..........thank god, i really was on a mission...lol
  9. peppa

    peppa Pwincess

    Thanks, I stuck with it and just went to bed early :) I did think I'd get past the phase of being hungry but maybe not yet!!
  10. claireg1977

    claireg1977 Full Member

    Tracey i was like that yesterday too, i just done my best to ignore it. but i felt really yucky by the end of the day yesterday too.

    So good so far today though:D
  11. kel78

    kel78 Full Member

    I feel like it most days even after 11 weeks but as long as your in ketosis it shouldnt be too bad, bluegirl is right its probably emotional hunger I suffer really bad from that, I wont go into it on here but if you want to go on my blog you might find something helpful,
  12. peppa

    peppa Pwincess

    thanks kel:)
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