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Feeling sorry for myself!

I've posted a few times, but not since last month probably. I'm now on week 9 and I've lost just over 2st - Whey, hey:D. Up until now I've found LL quite easy to follow and although there are days when I've felt like gnawing on a table leg just to have SOMETHING to eat, I've stuck to it and feel really proud of myself for it.
Anyway, the reason I'm feeling low is that last week my husband started a new new job in the Middle East and me and the kids have now gone over to be with him. My councilor was great when I said that I was having to leave and she let me buy up six weeks worth of packs to see me through to the 14 weeks. Yes, I know excess baggage is expensive! I'm feeling so isolated and alone now without my weekly meetings. I was with such a nice, supportive group of people and I'm sure that they're another reason that I've kept on track. Im feeling so sorry for myself and for the first time REALLY struggling with this programme. I know it's because of the change/stress/no support/not knowing anyone etc but that little voice is starting to shout about eating.
I'm sorry if I've waffled but I feel a bit better having written some of how I feel down. You are all so supportive and I think that I'm going to make this forum my 'new' weekly meeting now I'm stuck out here. I suppose the plus side is the weather and I can use that as motivation to feel better in a swimsuit and sticking to the prograqmme will help me do that. MMMMMMM, I think that I'm really waffling now - sorry! I'll be in touch, thanks for 'listening'
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Of course you're finding it tough just now, sounds like you're going through a huge life change! I think you are amazing, I'd have just told myself I was too busy/stressed etc to be thinking about me or my weight! Well done you for sticking at it, you deserve a huge round of applause and I for one would love to a part of your 'weekly meeting' to help you stick at it.

Keep up the incredible work and feel free to shout/moan/cry and of course share your success with us all as often as you like.


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Hi Toot Toot :D

First of all congratulations on your achievements so far and now making such a big move to The Middle East.:)

I totally understand why you would be feeling sorry for yourself at the moment and you have already said all the reasons why you are maybe feeling that way. That in itself is very powerful so a big hug from me as not everyone can identify the reasons why their chatterbox is saying "eat":rolleyes::eek:

I totally agree with Cheb about you being amazing and we will all give you as much support as you ask for, be it weekly, daily, hourly or minute by minute. I hope you don't feel too lonely out there because we are all still here as a community and cheering you on. That's the beauty of the web and Minimins...it doesn't matter where in the world you are.:)

Don't be a stranger...ok?:D:D:D
Hi hun....wow what an amzing loss so far, well done. I can certainly understand how you feel and now you are alone without your group you feel you may lose the way.
Well hun you said you will use this site as your weekly meeting ......but if you can, try to get on as often as you can.....!

Good luck !
Hi Toot Toot,
Its good to see you posting again.

Just to let you know that forgetting about your massive upheaval, week 9 is a classic time for feeling hungry. Loads of people on this forum, me included have found that quite a tough time. If you can get through it then, at least for me , it got easier again.

I think that you can get just as much support on here, better than the groups in my case. Keep in touch and keep sticking to it, just take it slowly. Come on here and post any time you are feeling low.

Best wishes.

Thanks SO much to you all replying to my moan, your encouragement really means a lot. I had my WI today and I've lost 4lbs this week :bliss: I'm going to try and stick to weighing myself on the night that would be my LL meeting. I'm feeling a lot happier today, probably due to my WI and having you all for support. I'm trying to be positive and I'm looking forward to having a cyber meeting as often as I can, now I have some memebers!! I can't thank you all enough, I'm climbing out of the douldrums of dispair and I'm beginning to believe that I may actually be able to see this thing through. I'll keep in touch, t may bore that socks off some people but it's keeping me sane and on track - :thankyou:


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aww hun 4lbs thats absolutely fantastic considering your upheaval.

Minimins is such a fantastic support, shout shout and shout and ask as much as you need to.

good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Toot Toot
First of all very well done on the weight loss - tremendous considering your massive upheavel.
I for one would also like to join your meetings!
Keep on track and take care

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