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Feeling Stressed

I know i should be enjoying the summer weather. Last week, i was feeling quite postive about my weight loss, i even thought tht you could see a small difference. However, on saturday we took the children out for the day, i just felt distgusting among all the people who were out enjoying the day. I was hoping it would pass, then i saw the pics that OH took, i look terrible, i just cried when i saw them. I really dont know what i am trying to say. Just that i feel bad :cry:
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Ah Ruthie, I know you feel bad right now (I do too). Just think of the progress you have made and how good you will feel as you continue to lose weight. We did not gain all of our weight overnight and, therefore, will not lose it overnight either. Incidentally, I am not keen on hot weather - not enough options for covering up!
Big hug, Tracy


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Tracy's so right - it takes time, honey. And if you can see a difference then others will too. We all have "fat" days (even Cheryl Cole!) and I'm sure you were nowhere near as "bad" as you think you were. My husband and I used to play a game with people on the beach: Who's figure am I most like? (well, I played and he humoured me). It was surprising how much I - and probably everybody on here - overestimated how bad I look. Gok does the same thing on his Naked show.

You've lost a stone. I defy you to say that hasn't made a difference to how you feel and look. It's a great loss and you're doing great. Don't let one feeling spoil that.



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This is exactly how I felt last week. I thought I'll show my family. I'll put on my size 12 cropped trousers and new halter neck top. But then I stood next to my size 8 sister and my confidence fell out of me. I looked at photo's the OH took of me and to me I looked the same as I did before. Round face and hamster cheeks full of food. But my OH assured me I looked great and didn't know where I was looking. He said it was all in my own head and that there was a definite difference.

I think my problems is my own self esteem, especially when I'm around my sister. We get on great and are really close. But she is naturally petit and always has been. Only went up to a size 14 when she was heavily pregnant. I don't resent her or anything because of it, but at the same time I feel like i can't compete. I feel once I'm stood next to her that I become the fat sister all over again, even though I'm not really anymore. What makes it worse is that she is so pleased, happy and proud of what I've done and continue to do. She goes to the charity shops and gets me clothes if she see's anything she thinks I'll like.

The problem I'm afraid is all in our heads. It's something that we have to overcome. :cool:
Thanks you are all really supportive, I know it will take some for my weight to come off, i am a little impatient. Hopefully this feeling will pass in a day or two, and i will be back to feeling my normal self.

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