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Feeling terrible


soon to be skinny minnie
:jelous::jelous: Hi everyone, been doing sw plan for a week and a half, i lost 5 lbs in the first week and i have been feeling great, having been eating loads of fresh fruit etc. However about 10 minutes ago i went mad and ate a paula cow thingy, and about 10 custard creams. I dont' want this to send me in a downward spiral like it normally does, should i just continue with the plan like i would have done had i not went mad. I am so gutted as i have done so well the last week and a half. I was doing a green day then an original day (gold). :cry::cry::cry::jelous:
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Don't worry. Check out my binge thread here:

Binge Thread

It happens to the best of us. I was so worried cause I'd put on so much weight after my binge... but most of it had gone by the next day. I'm going to keep track of whether it all goes etc.

Put it to one side and carry on as normal. Don't try to compensate for your binge by eating less. Perhaps you can try and fill up on free foods for the rest of the day and cut back a little on your syns tomorrow - but don't worry too much. Absolutely, whatever you do, DON'T go hungry. It's just not worth it - and it will lead to another binge of crappy synful foods.

You've done great in your first week. 5lbs is a brilliant loss and you obviously worked hard at the plan and stuck it it. A few biscuits (even more than a few!) every once in a while won't ruin everything. I'm not suggesting you should make this a regular thing, but when it happens... move on and get back on the plan. If you were doing this daily, I'd be worried. But once in a while is actually okay - check out the flexible syns section of the SW website.

SW know that people need to escape every now and again and be a bit naughty. So much so, that they account for it and make it part of the plan. The most important thing is that you don't overly try to compensate... and that you get back on plan.

I'm sure it'll all work out. Keep us posted on how you get on - I bet if you get full on free foods from now on - and keep your HEXs and syns on check - you'll still loose this week!

Good luck,



soon to be skinny minnie
Thanks so much , reading your reply made me feel better, i'm just going to forget it happened and fill up on free foods for the rest of the day. I think i will have a big omlette for dinner with a salad, then just snack on fruit until i go to my party (eek), it is a buffet so going to be strong and stick to cooked meats, chicken drumsticks and salad, and take my piece of birthday cake home with me.
100% completely agree with what Ste said! A few biccies won't hurt anything - just get straight back on plan, and forget about it. Note it in diary or something, so you can look back on it :)
The omelette sounds good! I really like red onions in mine, if you bung some fry light in the pan and chop them quite thick they go all soft and full of sweetness and flavour after five minutes or so - pop them into your omelette mix of eggs etc (I put a bit of paprika in too! yummy!) and use the same pan to cook the omelette.

Good luck at the party! Avoid the bread! Heh



soon to be skinny minnie
I've never really tried onions in an omlette, i normally go for boring old faithful, cheese and tomato. Will give the onions a go though. And i will try hard to avoid the bread tonight!!! I was just thinking about actually going and joining a class but there isn't one that suits me near by. Is anyone doing it online, if so what is it like?
I'm going to a class, but to be honest I'm not really enjoying it. It helps to keep me motivated I guess, but I don't feel I get much out of the group. And, for me, I don't really see the point of going and getting weighed and then leaving.

I thought about doing it online too - but then I looked into it and it was £60! To be fair, that's for three months membership... but it still seems a bit excessive to me just to get access to the website. I've already got all the books and stuff.

I do use the SW website quite a bit though and you can't get access to it unless you have the password which you get from a group.

So I'm in a bit of a pickle too! I might just try and go it alone, but I think I'd miss the website for checking syns, the online food diary and recipes. If you do join online - let us know how you get on! It'd be great to have a guinea pig to let me know whether or not it is worth it! :)


soon to be skinny minnie
I used to go to a class and never really liked it very much as i felt the group consultant only focused on a few members of her group and didn't really bother with the rest of us, and the other members felt the same too that is why we left. However i still have all the books and i bought a syn directory from ebay, and think i would grudge paying £60 , but still feel as though i need extra support. I'll have a wee think about it before i jump in and decide whether or not to join.
I've just seen on another thread that Beki who posted here earlier is doing it online. I've asked her to give us a bit of an update as to what it is like, whether or not it is worth it etc.

If you could just join for a week and have a look around, that'd be okay. But joining for three months when I'm not even sure if I want to be there seems a bit extreme. But, then, I suppose that's why they do it! We'd all join and leave after a week if we could get away with it!


soon to be skinny minnie
Yeah it would be great to get some feedback from someone who has an online membership.

Anyway going to go and start getting ready for my party. Happy food optimising everyone !!

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