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feeling terrified.

Hi everyone, my heart is actually racing as I write:eek: For a few reasons... Eleven years ago following much trauma in my life my weight ballooned to 16 stone six and i suddenly found a turning point and weight watchers helped me to get to 11 st 2 within the year. Sadly in the last 4 years more things happened which had me reaching for minstrels and maltesers:cry:This morning I weighed myself and am 16.4:eek: So my new friends (i hope) I appeal to you for support as have spent the last 2 hours crying and self loathing, I AM going to regain my figure and confidence and I AM going to do it by Valentines day... ( I hope:))
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Good morning Irish Eyes and :welcome2:

You have made the first steps to reaching your goal !
The road may seem a long one , but you seem determined and we are all on the same road beside you to help along the way !

Good luck on your journey ! :)

miss bee

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hello irish eyes:)
so nice to meet you.i've just started my journey all over again too.and although it's a pain to have to do it again,i feel like this time,with the experience i already have of the last time and with the amazing amount of support and advice i have already found on mini's(and it's only been a few days)i can do this!i'm gonna' really work on get a better attitude to food too.you will do it too!!!
looking forward to journeying with you:)
Hey hun, welcome to minis.

You have lost the weight once right, you CAN do it again.
Post here lots and you will get all the support you need (and the odd kick up the butt if you're not being good on your diet!!) It's nice that people on here keep each other on track, it certainly helps me.

Good luck, and remember....You can do this. x


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hi irish eyes and :welcome: to the forums! You have set a goal which gives you something to aim for and you sound really motivated to lose the weight! You have done it before so you know that you can do it again and you have everyone's support on here!

Onwards and Downwards :)
Good luck on your weight loss journey

Sharkbait1983 x
Wow guys I certainly wasn't expecting any reply to my first thread so thank you all for your great comments and support. Ive never had that before and feel really keen to make you proud .You are all doing so well and have got me all inspired . I briskly walked a mile yesterday and will do the same today.talk soon.. irish eyes x


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irish eyes big big hugs, i am with you all the way. you will get all the support you need here and get to meet lots of people in the same boat. i started WW 4 days ago and loving it i have 4 stone to loose. have you looked in the WW section here. its fab :D:D:D
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Welcome Irish eyes

I know how you feel. I've also felt very depressed when I found out that I've gained a lot of weight and because all of my clothes fits tight.

But I soon became positive and I told myself that I am going to lose this weight, so it doesn't matter how I look now and that it shouldn't depress me.

I hope you can also remain positive and that you keep up your good efforts. What other exercise are you doing? Or are you only doing the walking for now?
Hi suzie

Thanks for this support, I think its what I needed to do as my job involves endless hours in front of a computer so I am thinking back to my previous weight loss and it was basically a mile in the morning, a mile in the evening ,stick to the points and lots of water:sigh: so i am recording the soaps,saying goodbye to the choc:wave_cry:and seeing what i can do.How are you finding it and what plans have you motivated?:jelous: Maria x


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:welcome2: irish eyes. I know how you feel, I also tend to eat when I've had traumas in my life. You'll find MiniMins is a great place, full of support and advice. You sound really motivated and as others have said, you've lost weight before so you know you can do it.

Best of luck! :)


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Heya Irish eyes,
You are sounding so motivated yourself , and making a great start with your excercise !
Waving byebye to the chocolate was hard for me , but I needed too ... it was like saying goodbye to a old friend ! :wave_cry:
You will get there, and we are with you all the way ! :D
Big News from Irish Eyes... I think i made a break through last night as went for a meal with 7 others. I didnt have a starter , had steak and veg not chips and no desert !!!Did I feel deprived or sad? NO NO NO cos I feel you guys are already my buddies and whether you read my words or not you are out there somewhere and we are sharing this journey that will lead us to being healthy, slim and happy to look in the mirror again.Thanks for being there Maria x


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Heya !!
Well, good on you !! :D Thats another hurdle over and you managed it with ease ! And you still had a great night with friends I bet !
Good to see you so motivated !!

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