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Feeling that CD is pointless at the mo...

Hello everyone sorry to start a beautiful saturday morning on such a downer....

I seem to be stuck at 10st 9lbs and its doing my head in!!! I know ill probs wake up one morning and it will of dropped but ive been this weight for a week now with no drop :( Im gonna keep going cause ive bought two weeks supply at £74 so im noway gonna waste that amount of money, Im just getting down over spending £74 and not losing.... Ive made myself skint to do this this month I might have to miss the last week of the month until i get paid which is a nightmare but i just really want these next two weeks to be successful :(

Has anyone else had a STS???

Anyway on a positive note to finish with... Its a gorgeous day here so going to make the most of it hope everyone else has a good weekend :D
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I STS a few weeks ago and was gutted.The next 2 weeks after that I lost 6 and 5 lbs.Did you measure yourself?I bet you've lost inches.How much water are you drinking?Try drinking an extra 500mls and see if that helps.Hang in there!It'll be worth it!


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Aww hun, it's can be hard when the scales don't say what you want them to say :(

Those small blips that you have had would be enough to put on some glycogen and water. Great when you are going up the plans, but as you get lower in weight, it can be unforgiving.

No lectures, or slaps :D as you've done so well :clap:

You've had some great losses, and I'm sure you've lost fat this week, but if you do blip (and I know you said you were happy to do so...that I really understand), then there is almost bound to be a come back on the scales :(

Keep going hun. Need to be really focused if you want the scales to give good results. Otherwise, just focus on your successes with sticking to plan and know that regardless of what the scales say you will lose fat and inches :hug99:
Yeah im guna try up my water intake ive got major heartburn today its awful i dont know why though.. I did have a planned birthday meal out last weekend and tried to keep it as SS+ as possible i know that will of made me put on water/glycogen weight but it was a week ago nearly.. Im just gunna be 100% and drown myself with water and hopefully will be ok..... Im starting to run training to do the Great North Run so in a few weeks ill have to increase my calories neway but im determind to lose these last 9 stupid lbs lol
not sure if this is the case but i found it really hard to get under the 11stone mark took ages to move ... i had to come off diet for 2 weeks gained 4 lbs and now i am just nearly under the 11s mark in 3 days ... so what i am saying is when you don't have a lot to lose i tink sometimes a shock to the system i.e more caloirs ( not carbs ) protein and stuff seems to have kicked started my weight loss again ...

i think every diet you will get a diet plateau but i think what your doing this week 100% and more water your be rewarded !
good luck xx


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hey hun keep going, I know it seems edpensive , but no doubt if you come off the plan youll spend a fortune on drinks and food in the sun and still wont be any happier with yourself :) I have stayed the same day to day in the past but the least ive ever lost is 2lbs and even then i ate a bar a day and the flavouring overdosed, do not despair, im sure youll lose, and if not its probly just water retention, up the water, and take your meaurements :) xx


I feel ya honey.

Me and you both looking for a whoosh this week!

Hang in there, it can only move down the way...


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Hey hun,

I know how you feel, I have spent the best part of the week stuck at 14st 2lbs and it's only my first week!

Just keep on, there is no way on a diet like this you wont lose weight, sooner or later you'll get a big drop. I know it's disheartening but just think if you weren't on this you could be gaining weight instead and that would be worse.

You can do it xxx


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Hey Amanda..
Hang in there hon it will come off...... stick with it... I guess as you are getting closer to target perhaps it slows down but if it doesnt come of this week it will come off the next and I am sure it will be a big loss. Our bodies work in strange ways sometimes.
Chin up hon your doing fab x


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keep going with it hun! your doing so well, you really cant fail!
you have some amazing losses hun, it just looks like this week thats put you off!

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