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Feeling the cold more?



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That's normal. One of the signs of being in ketosis :clap:
I think it must be totally normal... as I have been very cold from day 1.. especially my feet. I find getting my slippers on and doing some housework helps or if that seem a bit too strenuous for me :D I put the heating on and cuddle up under a blanket on the couch and read or watch a film...


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'fraid so hun!! But the good news is that it's a good sign - so enjoy!! LOL!!

I am a permanent ice block and well, my ickle piggies haven't been warm for so long!!! Sleeping in winter jarmies, socks and a jumper!!

CD is sooo glamorous!!! :D
Thanks god for that, I've been so cold for a few days, but thought it was me/the weather/I was sickening for something.

My poor little pinkies!


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I've been freezing for the past 2 weeks lol

are you sure that the cold is down to drinking large quantities of cold water, and not ketosis?

or maybe a mixture of both. personally, im sick being cold, I've even rooted out my skiing socks :cool:
I think it's a side effect of Ketosis or this diet ... both my oh and I are CDing and have to have extra blankets on the bed, even after 7 weeks. I would suggest buying some nice bed socks next time you're shopping.
I used to detest being even slightly warm, refused to have heating on even in winter! Lived in short sleeves and never ever wore a coat! Since losing weight I wear about three hundred and seventy two layers of clothing, I am permanently sat near a radiator or heater (even better if both!) and I own a coat for the first time in my adult life!!! Ketosis causes body temperature to drop plus there's also the obvious factor of less blubber as we lose weight LOL!! I love feeling cold, it shows I'm losing weight!!


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if u watch the lipotrim video (available online) it explains the whole diet which is a close companion of CD and goes on to explain that the reason we feel the cold is because we are giving our body EXACTLY what it requires and nothing extra. therefore the body concentrates its energy on the vital things (organ function, brain activity , blood flow) and slackens on the non essential (such as keeping the body warm).
takes a lot of energy to warm a body.
hope this helps explain a little (the video explains it better than me)

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