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feeling unsure


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For a while now I've really wanted to buy a bike, but now it's come to it and I have a bit of money available to buy one I've totally bottled it.

As you can see, I have (what I feel is) a massive amount of weight to lose and I'm absolutely petrified. The main thing is that I'm unbelievably scared of buckling the frame or wheels because of my size. Scared of getting stick when I'm out on it. Scared of spending the money not liking it and the bike just being shoved in the hall never to be used again. So, I'm just tempted to leave it for now, while I get back into the swing of things with Slimming World yet again and then maybe ask the hubby for one for christmas (which gives me just over 7 months to get a good chunk gone)

I've tried talking to the hubby and he says he can't make my mind up for me and I don't feel like he's getting where I'm coming from, so thought I would post in here to get some opinions where people will have (or have had) a similar amount of weight to lose and might understand my mindframe towards it.

Thanks in advance xxx
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Oh that's a good idea - or see if there's a Streetbank or Freecycle near you, and either ask to borrow one or get someone's second hand one so you can try it out :).


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S: 26st0lb C: 25st2lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 58.6 Loss: 0st12lb(3.3%)
I think for the moment, it's going to have to be a no go. I'll have a mooch over the next few months for a cheap bike for the hubby (so I can drag him out with me when I get the guts to take the plunge) and have a go of that and see how I do :) I can't bear the thought of potentially wasting the money at the moment and I think if I did end up buying it and not using it that I'd probably ended up beating myself up over it, which could potentially lead to comfort eating and a horrible vicious circle.

Thanks for the suggestions though :) xx


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If you get one make sure you get one with a decent padded seat. :) (I made that mistake with an exercise bike!)


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Hello Emmy, I know my comment is not going to be motivating, but I'm pretty realistic and understand your feelings.
At me heaviest, I was afraid of buying things that wouldn't support my weight as well.
So, I wouldn't buy something if I'm unsure whether (1) it'd support my weight and (2) I don't know if I'll use. In my humble opinion, you should wait a bit more and see how things go.
I'd also take care with any cheap bike, most brands don't have information about how much weight they support, but you can expect that the cheapest it is, the weakest the wheels. I read that high quality bikes are tested for around 300 lbs, but the cheap ones might go around 220 lbs.

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