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Feeling v. jealous!!

I've been on WeightWatchers for over a month and I've lost roughly four pounds. My friend however, who has been starving herself all day and then eating a takeaway, has lost 9 pounds!!:mad: I feel that the world is unfair and I'm losing faith in the diet. :(

Does it take this long for everyone? Will the weight start coming off quicker? I need a little hope right now :sigh:
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She's about a stone and a half lighter (with one of those hourglass figures and E cup boobs.....*****.) :) I have been eating 22 points a day but I think I may go to 20, however I'm not sure if this is productive or not! It's took a bit over a month, I do know that WW claim a leightloss of 1-2lb but everyone else on here seems to be more sucessful.
it does vary a bit for everyone, but there are 2 things i would point out

1. your eating plan is more sustainable and healthy than hers
2. Weight lost more slowly is more likely to stay off.

I know its hard to be losing a pound or so when those around you are losing 2,3 or 4 but slow and steady really does get you there in the end.

Whereabouts in Brum are ya ?


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
starving you're self all day is silly because she'll be slowing down her metabolism in the long run and then she's more likely to be over weight when shes older, and find it harder to lose. small meals through out the day (if you can fit it in, its not always possible with jobs etc) keeps ur metabolism going so any weight you do lose is more likely to stay off in the long run.


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If it makes you feel any better I am losing quite slowly as well and I started about a month ago too. I'm trying to stick with it though because I'm sure it will work in the long run. I know it's frustrating but so many people (including loads of people on this site) have lost significant amounts of weight long term with WW so I think it's worth sticking with it.

Your friend may be losing quickly now but then her weight loss is likely to slow down. If you are losing a little bit consistently then you are still heading in the right direction and overall your weight loss might end up being the same (hare and the tortoise and all that!)

I've been feeling a bit disheartened too but I'm trying not to compare myself with anyone - just working towards my goal and I'm determined to get there, it may be a little bit slower than I'd ideally like, but you've just got to keep at it I guess.

In addition - if she is eating a takeaway every day this suggests that maybe her diet was very poor to begin with (i.e. a habit of eating high-fat foods). If you're massively overeating on junk and then do WW the weight will fall off initially because it's such a huge change in diet.

Maybe setting yourself smaller but more realistic goals would help? E.g. another four pounds over the next month. Because in total you would have lost more than half a stone by that point which is a huge achievement!

This might help (i keep reminding myself of this) - every 1lb lost is two packs of butter. If you think of it like that - that's a lot of fat to get rid of! So 4lb might not sounds much - but that's 8 packs of butter already.

Sorry for the long post.....I seem to have an awful lot to say about slow weight loss! :D
Huge good luck to you chick - keep at it!
mommyB- I'm in Bartley Green, a teeny little villagey place by Harborne/Northfield. I know where you are :p

Thank you everyone, I guess I do need the weight to be sustainable after all. My friend does tend to go up and down so at some point she could put it all back on whilst I'm all skinny next to her (hooray!).
I'm going to keep positive :)
Butterfly i wouldnt take much notice what she is doing is silly as long as the weights coming off thats all that matters keep it going

mummy b just noticed your in oldbury very very close to me :D

Im in tividale
i just wanted to say i know Bartley green and tividale and I love sausages !!!!:D

Good luck butterfly ,you can do this at your own pace and show your daft mate how its really done:)
I have the same problem i go to meetings with a friend and she loses anywhere from 2-4 lbs a week. i can barely lose that in a month. today she only lost like 1/2lb and her face was like thunder and very annoyed. Atleast when it happens to me i just get over it. but shes literally been in tears! tut
Hehe I couldn't help but think of karma too when I read your friend had gained! Tbh though most week my losses are a lb when I being good and I was disheartened and then I would have a week out the blue where I'd loose 3. Everybody says it but these lbs really do add up, no one was really commenting on my weight loss then all of a sudden they allseemed to notice so keep to it hunni x
oh my god as if she put 7lb on she must have eaten some takeaway to put that much on :)

I agree its horrible when your working hard and getting there slowly but thoose who cut corners seem to get there alot faster same as most things i get but just proves cutting shortcuts never last and it always catches up on you
I think it's hard to gauge everyone is different... i have randomly weird days sometimes eat all my points sometimes not even half depending on how I feel...I do exercises every day though.. I have lost 23lbs in 6 weeks and I have not suffered at all.

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