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Feeling very disillusioned!

Hi I was wondering if anyone can advice me please? Im doing the plan at home and lost 4lbs the first week but this week I have gained 3! My only lapse was last Sunday when I ate 2 chocolate bars and a toasted cheese sandwich extra to plan. Since then I have been doing a mixture of green and red days and have kept to the plan rigidly. I cut my sins from 15 to 10 a day and have measured my HeA's and B's. The only thing I haven't been doing is drinking water as I drink a lot of tea (HeA's) and I haven't been exercising. Has anyone else had this problem starting off? :(
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bye bye baby tummy
Did you weigh on the same day using the same scales in the same place?

did you drink alot of water the first week, that can make a big difference
Thanks Louisa for reply. Yes Im using the same scales and decided to weigh in on a Saturday moring every week. I haven't been drinking any water at all but as you said it can make a huge difference. So will try to drink as much as possible this week. Im not going to give up and maybe I might lose next week!


bye bye baby tummy
another thing is are you getting enough sleep, if you don't get enough sleep it can make it harder to loose weight

Swapping tea for some waters a good plan, Tea doesnt count towards water intake because of the caffine in it, fruit/green tea does count (caffine free for some reason doesnt count either im afraid )
You've done really well so far and the chocolate and cheese sarnies were only a momentary lapse. It is oss how you've gained 3 after that but all i would advise is having a perfect on plan week, drink as much water as possible, pop some exercise in and i bet you show a marvellous loss next week :) Good luck!
Hi LittleMissPeacock thanks for advice and motivation. Yes I have learned my lesson last week. Went to a friend's house unprepared and was very hungry hence the chocolate and cheese sarnies! I will try the water and exercise and hopefully it will work. I forgot to ask about portion size but according to everyone its ok once they are free foods. I made syn free pudding and had quite a large portion. It shouldn't have made any difference since it was made with water and then I added mullerlight. Thanks again I feel motivated for week ahead now.:girlpower:


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Have you got a food diary RS? perhaps we can have a look and give advice more accurate if we know what you have been eating/drinking - using your A and B choices on?!

Thanks, EB xxx
syn free pudding- please share!
think it may be your water intake...that 3lb is probably your body holding onto its water becasue you havent put enough in!


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That sucks but try not to let it disillusion you! There could be lots of reasons why it happened (star week a mistake with thinking something is free etc) and it could just as easily go off again this week!
Keep at it and as EB suggests do a diary on here. Particularly useful if you are doing it at home and not with the support of a group/consultant etc
Also home scales aren't always that reliable maybe you could find somewhere that has scales you could go and use once a week or something? E.g Boots/leisure centre etc?
Good Luck this week keep us up to date with how its going x
Hi everybody thanks a million for advice and motivation. Ive started afresh this morning and decided to try the EE plan. Yesterday was off plan as I was out with my Dad and fed up so ate a roast beef dinner and apple tart and ice-cream!!! :break_diet:
I feel better and motivated again this morning after getting that out of my system. My syn-free pudding was half a cup of pudding rice boiled in water and then drained. I added sweetner, nutmeg and cinnamon and a vanilla mullerlite. It was beautiful except maybe my portion was too big! Everything in moderation as they say.

So far today Ive had a fruit salad for breakfast and a tuna salad for lunch. I had four level tablespoons of extra-light mayonnaise-2 syns? For dinner Im planning to do something with lean minced beef and veg. (I can't get extra-lean beef) Will this make a difference?
HeA=350ml of skimmed milk
HeB=One slice of wholemeal bread=45g

Last week i was mainly on green days and I think my portions of potatoes and pasta were too large. Maybe too many carbs don't suit me. Im drinking water and going to go for a long walk after dinner this evening. I might also have a meringue and some fruit for pudding. Maybe a few squirts of cream for syns. Does this sound ok or am I having too much?
Thanks again for all the advice:)

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