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feeling very down

i dont know whats wrong with me.last week i went to WI and was very disappointed with only losing 1/2lb so thought ok back to basics reread book,weigh everything,more fruit,more vegetables and more water.

so iv been ridiculously good this week and was feeling so proud of myself.
iv been eating mostly superfree and speedfoods and never more than ten syns a day.iv even been swimming twice!

so yesterday morning i got on the scales( i know i shouldnt but my mum got a new set of scales and i couldnt resist) and hadnt lost anything.so i then went swimming again yesterday and had a very good day and i thought ok thats 6 good days this week so went on the scales again this morning and im still bloody 9.5! i only need to get to 9.4 1/2 to get my stone award this week.

so iv been in a bad mood all day and have yelled at everyone!
iv eaten a lot but only of superfree foods so far.
is there anything else anyone could suggest i can do today.do i go swimming again?

i just feel really depressed about it because normally if im this good i lose about 2lbs a week.and i think if i go to WI tomoro morning and have stayed the same then i might burst into tears.

sorry for ranting.i just needed to get that off my chest.
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If you have been exercising then the muscle is being built up and although the weight may not change you well in time notice a change in inches.

As you are doing so much exercise how about having the full 15 syns a day?

Weighing mid-week and on different sets of scales?! That sets alarm bells ringing for me immediately!

Also, at 9.5 you've probably not got that much to lose, and things do go more slowly when you're down that end of things than if you had more to lose.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
No please stay off the scales! They won't tally with the SW ones! That's why you should resort to the tape measure! It doesn't lie! Your weight can vary up to 4lbs a day, by tomorrow it will have evened out.
can I just say that your mums new scales will not be calabrated with your SW ones and so may not be showing your true weight! wait until WI before you get too dis-heartend!

I have sneekt peeks on my scales at homes but I know that 1lb out compared to the SW ones so I allow for that!
I agree with the others Hun...never, ever weigh on different scales if you go to class...very bad idea, especially as your mood can reflect a gain (mine does too).
Wait and see what tomorrow brings...you may find that you are pleasantly surprised!
Agree with the others hun. Different scales will weigh differently, your mum's new scales could be way out. Once a week on SW scales, it's the only reading you need. You've been good - you'll get a loss.

PS - It does take a while to build muscles so you won't not lose because of that. Exercise will help but not as much as some think, only 14-28 lb per year. The difference is in your wellbeing and muscle tone, inches lost!

Stick with it Laura, you are doing fine!
Stay away from the scales! As everyone says! As you don't know if they're the same as group don't worrie and as hellie(i think) said it's more difficult when you're closer to target or weigh less. Keep up the good work and it really will show :)

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