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Feeling Very Fed Up

I feel like I am going crazy! My bladder has been messed up for about a month now & it's starting to make me miserable, which in turn is leading me to make VERY poor food choices & is effecting my work.

It all started with a bladder infection. I couldn't get to the Drs for two weeks after symptoms began thanks to a few reasons: Christmas meant hard to come by appointments, a holiday to Center Parcs & then, of course, my worry that it would turn out to be nothing & the Drs not take me seriously (it's happened more times than I'd like to remember!)

I was given three days worth of antibiotics for the initial bladder infection but my bladder never went back to normal! I need to pee ALL THE TIME! It's driving me insane! I can't even manage a 15 minute bus journey to work without feeling like I'm going to wet myself.

On Friday it got too much so I went back to the Drs. He did a test to see if I still had a bladder infection but it turned up negative.. So he told me that everyone gets the urgent need to wee every now & then. It's normal. & next time I feel the urgent need to go, I should just sit on it & wait for a while.

He asked if I woke up in the middle of the night to go, I told him sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.. Normally I make it from midnight to about 6am before waking up. This prompted him to tell me that it obviously wasn't a bladder infection then because they don't just stop because we're asleep (also I had no pain, so that was conclusive to him). I feel exactly now as I did when I was diagnosed with a bladder infection.. I didn't have any pain or urgency during the night & yet I had an infection & needed antibiotics then!

He decided that I was obviously over-drinking then & wouldn't listen to me when I told him that I barely drink 1ltr a day! Of anything! (TMI, but my urine for the test was CLEAR! So he didn't believe that!) Then he told me to drink LESS, cut down on coffee, tea, coke & alcohol (Told him 3 times that I don't drink ANY of those due to either IBS or Slimming World)

I have to sit it out for 3 weeks before he'll consider any real tests.

OH & I have discussed it & I'm going back to the Drs on Wed to see a female Dr for a second opinion. They just don't like it when you go back & have a tendency to fob you off. You have to really fight with them for anything here.

I just feel like I am going mad! I want to cry & pull my hair out. I can't possibly keep on living this way. & it's made worse by having no one believe me :cry: I have headaches & dry mouth from not drinking enough & yet I need to wee every 5 freaking minutes.

Sorry for the rant. I really needed to get this out. I'm starting to feel really run down because of this (& really can't be arsed with work this week, I get enough stress from them, nevermind adding the stress from this as well)
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Sounds really awful. You're right to go back to the surgery for a second opinion, don't let them fob you off! GPs can be so annoying like that sometimes. Hopefully you'll meet a better doctor. If you still need to go all the time I wouldn't bother curbing your drinking as it sounds like it wouldn't matter anyway, and being dehydrated is making you feel worse. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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I am not surprised you feel frustrated and weepy. You really are not being looked after very well are you ??

Would it be worth spending the money on a private consultation with a urologist.

Frequent urination could be a symptom of so many more things than an infection and should be looked into.

Please don't ever be sorry for coming on here and pouring out your heart to us. I do it all the time and it is so healing psychologically to have the support and the sympathy of the members on here.

big, big hugs xxxxxx
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Sounds like you're having a tough time and i would be well and truely fed up aswell. I hope things get better for you very soon.

I changed my doctor (who i had had since i was basically born) around 3 months ago, because he insulted me about my weight which really upset me. I am no longer with him and now have someone else. I think its wise to always have or get a second opinion, i remember my old doctor being awful and just made me feel like i wasnt telling the truth all the time, and nothing was really wrong with me? Awful, you shouldnt be made to feel that way.



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if you don't like his opinion you are well within your rights to DEMAND, no ask for, a second opinion..

My dad missed the step on his forklift once and banged all his ribs up..
he had chest pains tha day after and went to the doctors who told him it was just bruising and indigestion..
after still having the pain all day mu dad went to the ER about 2 in the morning and was told he was having a heart attack and had been all day..
a clot from the bruise had broken off and lodged in one of the vessels round his heart..
so just because some trumped up, self important little git with a god complex thinks he knows better than you, don't take what he says as gospel if you don't think he's right..
Thank you all for your lovely replies. I really appreciate the support!

I really wish I could afford private care, even for just one consultation, but money is so tight at the moment, we're barely covering our food bills! :S

i<3jellybeans - That's exactly how my Drs make me feel! It doesn't help that I had to see them during the time I had mental health problems & was depressed because it just felt like I was complaining all the time (& that's how they made it feel to me).

I find that for each problem, you have to see a certain Dr because the others would be absolutely awful. We had one for a while that after you told him your symptoms, he would say "And what would you like me to do about it?" - I ended up diagnosing myself & asking him to prescribe me medicine for a while! It was ridiculous. Another one yelled at me because I was TTC but had terrible IBS, so she offered me some medicine for it - I pointed out that the medicine was harmful to unborn babies so probably not a good idea if I'm TTC... She got really angry & told me that I had to decide what was more important, TTC or getting rid of the IBS pain!

I cannot wait until my OH can drive & we can go to a different surgery!

As for my bladder, I think it's calming down.. Or it might just be that I'm not drinking enough?! I've no idea any more. Yesterday at work, I drank no more than 400ml in the 4 hours that I was there, plus the 3 hours it took me to travel. So in 7hrs I drank 400ml. Before work I had about 250ml max & after work about 100ml. I'm not even making it to 1ltr anymore, that's less than half of what I should be drinking!

I might pop back to the Drs either tomorrow or Friday morning. It depends whether I'm able to see a female Dr. With the exception of the one described above, the others are really good.

I'm sorry your Dad had such an awful experience because of his Dr, ColJack. I hope you took action against him! They shouldn't be allowed to get away with that!
Make sure you write down all of your symptons and how long it's been going on, so that when you're in the doctors you won't forget anything. Sometimes the difference between one or two symptoms can mean the difference between completely different ailments.
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I have exactly the same thing. I have a small drink and i need to wee for hours! The night times are worse, i used to get up between 4-6times. It started a few months b4 i fell pregnant, was terrible for those 9 months with the baby pushing on my bladder aswell, and my LO is now 1 and i still have it. I was tested for an UTI but it was negetive so the dr told me i probably had an overactive bladder. Great. His suggestion - when i need to go to the toilet to hold on for half an hour and keep incresing it. I dont get a decent nights sleep, fear going out for the night cause ill spend all night on the loo and its severly affected my sex life :-(

Everytime i go back to the dictors i just get fobbed off do ive given up.
Princessnicky - That's exactly how I feel! Night times aren't too bad for me, but I go to bed needing a wee for sure, even if I've just been. My Dr gave me the same advice, just hold on as long as I can without wetting myself! Great advice. OH & I had a night off together a week ago (a very rare thing!), so I'd saved up to take us to the cinema.. The whole movie was ruined because I couldn't sit still thanks to being desperate for a wee the entire time! The thought of going anywhere that requires travel for over 30 minutes terrifies me atm, I just wouldn't be able to handle it.

If there's no obvious reason for something then Drs seem reluctant to do any other searching. I have a few other things that I'm not sure are even related to the bladder problem.. Like I get headaches quite often now because I'm dehydrated (not drinking enough is the only way to limit the amount I need to wee & even then it doesn't always help) & my eyes have been giving me hassle for the last few months. They go blurry randomly or I blink & it feels like there's a film over my eyes. This started before I drank less so I doubt it's a dehydration problem. Who knows?!

Jennyonaplate - That's a good idea. I will try to roughly work out when each symptom appeared & for how long it's lasted for the Drs when I next go.
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Gem- do you feel thirsty all the time? If so might be worth having a blood for diabetes. I had all the symptoms but my results were negetive. If you need a chat, just pm me, cos i no how u feel! But please try and drink more water as you will do more damage than good

I do feel thirsty all the time, but I put that down to not drinking enough :) I am trying to drink enough water but I have to spend 3hrs on a bus every day travelling to & from work so I have to limit my water before & during work so I'm not desperate on the bus!
I think I will ask them to do a test. Can it only be done with a blood test? I had a glucose test a few years ago, they made me drink a bottle of Lucozade & then took blood an hour or so after. Is this the same test?
I wish there was a simple explanation for this so we could both get it sorted out & go back to our lives!
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honestly sweetie i would go back to the dr and demand to see someone else what you are describing does not seem right and I feel you should be drinking more anyway.... fingers (legs) crossed it gets better and you get a result!
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Im not sure gem i had a bloodtest a few times over the years although I had the lucozade test when i was pregnant to check for gestation diabetes - they called it a glucose tolerance test?

I went back to the Drs this morning & saw my favourite Dr :) She is wonderful! I gave her another urine sample & she did a quick test in the office to see if there were any infections.. Surprise, surprise, there was! I feel like such a fool for doubting myself thanks to that other Dr. I really appreciate all of the comments here because I don't think I'd have had the guts to keep fighting if you hadn't pushed me!

I have 2 sets of antibiotics. One for thrush (She didn't do an exam, but thought it might be there worsening the problem) & some much stronger ones for a bladder infection. She also sent my sample to the lab to be analysed just to make sure there is nothing more serious as this has been going on for about 4 weeks now. I could have hugged her! I've never been so relieved to hear that I have an infection. Lol!

Nicky - I would seriously recommend that you keep pursuing this problem with your Drs. I feel as though a irritable/overactive bladder is a cop-out when it comes to diagnosis. They should rule everything else out first because there are no tests for OA bladder! I hope you get some answers soon. I think the glucose test is the one they do for diabetes then.
Glad to hear that it's all sorted now, I bet you were so pleased to have a solution! now get drinking loads of water to get those antibiotics moving through your system!

I always think doctors are a bit like hairdressers in that for some reason we find it hard to say if we're unhappy!
My fingers & toes are crossed that these tablets make me better.. Today it felt like I wasn't on antibiotics at all so I'm really nervous about finishing them tomorrow.
I actually had some pain today just below my stomach & right side of my lower back. I'm absolutely exhausted. OH can't understand why a bladder infection would make me feel this way if it just makes me go to the toilet more often.. If only I could make him understand!
& to top it off, if I don't eat enough with the tablets (which I can't do at work, they just wouldn't let me take a couple of minutes to eat & take my tablet!) I get really sick from them. My head goes fuzzy, I can't concentrate properly, I'm tired & I feel sick to my stomach :(
I'd love to just crawl right into bed now but I'm afraid I've got to go & make some dinner just so I can take more tablets!


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tell work bollocks..
they can't stop you taking medication at a set time if it's required and if that means a 5-10 min break for a snack or drink to go with it then have it..
they CAN deduct that time from your pay though..
imagine being diabetic and them saying "no you can't have 5 mins for a snack to rectify low blood sugar, you'll just have to pass out on the line... "

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