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feeling very low

I have woken up, feeling even worse than yesterday. I have been ill now for 10 days and it is really getting me down.

I am stressed to the limit with moving back to uni, I have arguments with old housemates and split up with the boy I was supposed to stay with for a bit and I have no money.

Not only that but everyone I know has secretly been qualified nutritionists this whole time, and telling me how bad my diet is and the horrors of atkins.
I am being watched everytime I eat, which is really making it hard for me to stuggle eating in public and ordering off menu etc. In fact it is making me eat in secret, which is wrong.

Why can't people be happy for me, and stop telling me atkins is making me ill. It is isn't, it is stress!!!!

To top that off my kitchen is full of chcolate, crisps, ice cream and muffins and there is not one atkins friendly food in my fridge until I can drag myself out of bed and go and get something :(

Sorry rant over, I just feel blue :(
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You know what? Sod them! You're doing it for you and not them.

I'd make a point of eating in front of them - they can sit there with their lettuce leaf and slice of carrot and watch you eating what they wish they were eating!

And see when you are super skinny and they are all carbed up and chubby, you can stick it to them!!! lol!

I had the same problem as you for a while. I started atkins and I was really ill for a week and all I kept getting told was "its your diet, its not good for you, its making you ill".

Turned out, I had a viral infection and it was, ahem, time of the month! Sorry guys!

I swear I eat more veg than any of my so called "nutritionalist" friends/family.

God, now you've made me rant!!!

Hope you feel better tho. Just keep doing your atkins, dont let anyone tell you what you should be doing. We're all here for you.

Claire xx
I can assure you nobody will take atkins away from me! Why would I quit a diet with quick results, I am always satisfied, I no longer think about food ALL THE TIME!

I am just fed up with keep explaining myself!

I am sick of having to read the chapter about fat to people when I'm told my cholesterol is going to get high

people do infuriate me!


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Absolutely agree with Claire - bo****ks to them Rachael.

I'm sure, from reading your threads, that it is just an unlucky combination of really horrible cold, stress and the normal Atkins withdrawal your body is going through.

Everything I read about low carbing is that every author (from Atkins to Neris and India) has come across the major detractors of this way of eating. Lots of reasons - lack of information, or just bad information from the tabloids, or people who are just simply threatened by you losing weight so they will use any weakness to get you to stop doing it.

It can only ever be your decision about what and how you eat, so all I can say is that it works for me, and for so many other people. None of us are keeling over, in fact people are becoming healthier and slimmer and their good health is supported by the medicos.

I hope you stick with it, and as Claire says, we are all here to support each other.

Susie x

PS - am tucking into a plate of home made tuna patties and rocket as we speak - gorgeous apart from the terrifying amount of chilli cayenne powder I put in!
I WILL be sticking to it, theres no question about it. I am far too focussed, for the first time ever


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Listen to the girls Racheal. Sod the others, just eat big fat lush food with lovely dressings on & they will soon be asking you what it is & 'I thought you were on a diet', lol.

BTW I'v just had a whole baked goats cheese on a salad of leaves, cucumber & chorizo. All dressed in Paul Newman's Italian dressing. It doesn't get much better than that :D xx


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Cor Sharon that sounds lovely! Menu for tomorrow, sorted!



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Some good advice above Racheal. Hope you are ok. I can't help but feel sometimes people don't believe your diet is bad, but they are jealous of your success. Stick to it, you've always got us on here. My partner didn't understand the logic behind low carbing initially, but after alot of explaining, and the fact you can see my results (as of today I'm in size 20 trousers instead of 24) speaks volumes. They make no sense criticising you, when what you are doing is working for you.
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Hey hope you're feeling better there's always people out there looking to drag you down but don't let them they probably don't mean anything bad and just think they're looking out for you.
to top it off, she said I don't look all that different.
How many more pounds is it going to take for people to be positive towards me.
I have also completely lost my voice and I do not enjoy being quiet!
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Stuff 'em I say Racheal.

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