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Feeling weak

not having a good day,
stuff not going well at work, deadlines about to be missed, running in treacle, i was wanting to get off at a reasonable time to go to the gym , and i wont be able to lads keep going to bl00dy kfc and subway......and wafting them around the room

ive just ordered a jacket with beans because i darent go to the shop without an order waiting or chances are id have had something nasty,

ive done really well, and had no problems sticking to plan for 8 weeks, just today, it all seems pointless and i feel like im about to have a blow out, im probably tired as well so that wont be helping,

everything just seems to be coming down on me today i think. i feel like im about to sabotage myself big style

sorry for the rant.

now i shall send someone to go out and get my potato and try and get some fruit. if i go myself ill come back with a sausage roll, or more likely ill eat it before anyone sees it and feel 5hit all afternoon then

and possibly a shotgun to deal with the gits in the office who are causing me grief.

im joking about the shotgun.

i think..
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Sorry you're having a rubbish day. At least it's Friday (... am saying that hoping you're off over the weekend).

Be strong and stick to the healthy stuff - that Jacket potato will fill you up and you won't need anything rubbish!

I know you've got deadlines but why don't you pop out for a walk - should help clear your head and feel more determined to get through the day.

((Big hugs))
We all have those days.I could shoot my hubby quite often for going out and buying me a abar of chocolate cos I've been so good!!!!And a big one at that!!Well done for preordering(if there is such a word). Somtimes if you have a rant on here it really helps. You've done so well dont waste it on a abad day .If I lose it lunchtime I tend to loose it all day so stick to your guns(not the shotgun mind) and keep at it-it is worth it xxx

Mrs V

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The others are right Hun.
Look at how far you have come and think about how you would feel if you gave in and ate the rubbish from KFC and Subway.
Well done for ordering the jacket, that will fill you up more than the other stuff anyway.
Dont give up now!!



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just today, it all seems pointless
Pointless?! I'm sorry but have you seen your losses? lol

I'm sorry you're having such a crappy day at work and that you're finding it hard to stay in the right headspace today, but you've done sooooo well. Have you thought about maybe allowing yourself extra syns for today and having something nice but in a controlled way? It would save you having a HUGE blow out but you'd still get the comfort food you want AND still be in control, so tomorrow you won't feel like you've failed and throw in the towel for the rest of the week.
((((HUGE HUGS)))) I hope you start to feel a bit brighter soon. xx
feel better now, i must admit though when i opened my potato, i thought to myself "well its no kebab",

thanks for the comments, im not going to blow it, just one of those days i suppose.
Stay strong! Imagine how greasy the kfc must taste. Yuk!

If you have syns left, try and plan a treat for yourself for tonight. It'll be something to get you through the afternoon and any work rubbish!
stick with it! I am a repeat offender of SW and WW (over many years) but started again this week and feel so much better for it. We all have our off days, and the best advice you had on here is get away from your desk for some fresh air and remind yourself how well you have done so far! :)


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You know you will feel crap later if you give in now, and you've done so well up to now.

Just focus on that, and keep in mind that long term it has to be an overall change in attitude, away from unhealthy take-away and snacks and towards proper food. A temporary approach probably won't work (in my experience of re-starting SW about 12 times!).

Good luck!
yup , well this is about the time that it would normally fall apart, when im stressed warm and feeling the need to kill one of the staff, just as an example to the others.

just one , thats all i want
if i get a period then i know its gone pear shaped, i think the last thing ill be worrying about is syns lol

i need to keep syns for tomorrow, were off to the races, its supposed to be quite boozy, but at the minute i dont even fancy a drink so well see.

suppose thats a good thing, some people under stress reach for the gin, i reach for the phone and hit speed dial 1

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