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Feels strange not going food shopping...

I'm loving it as i have saved a FORTUNE!! My OH has just been popping to Asda to buy a few bits for his dinner (he's doing his own version of WS!).

Any money saved can buy new smaller clothes!!
I must admit... i felt a bit bad forking out £100 for the bumper box BUT i would have spent much more than that a month just popping in for bits and bobs. So really it was the best thing i ever did!

OH is living on spaghetti and toast. Because i'm no longer cooking... he won't eat. HAHAHAHA
Exactly ames! When i really sat down and thought about it i would prob go to asda two or three times a week spending 20 pounds here and thirty pounds there.

I calculated i spent around 60/70 a WEEK in asda. That is roughly a whopping 240/280 a month.

Ok so i still have to buy nappies, baby milk and household items but even so.......

The 100 pounds of shakes is a huge saving.
Ps my OH seems to be eating lots of beans on toast!!!!!!!
I am going to be starting the diet next week, and at first I thought a £100 seemed like a lot to fork out. But the more I think about it I'm actually going to be saving a fortune. I can easily spend £50/60 a week on food. So thats just over a £100 straight away. And because I won't be buying any alcohol-thats another £120 easy.
I still enjoy going shopping for my husband and daughters and still love cooking, i have cooked from day 1, was a little tough but luckily hasnt bothered me that much, only once was i incredibly tempted to eat what i was preparing when making their packed lunch with fresh bread rolls, which smelt soooo good.


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The smell of bread is what does me in too, I am fine with everything else.

Sadly the smell of the bread aisle of the supermarket is pervasive throughout the shop! So I now mostly avoid food shopping, have been either doing it online or sending my husband. I still plan what he eats and cook it for him, so I just send him with a list lol.
It is odd not going shopping as much.
But I quite like it now :D
I reckon it has saved me a few quid too :)
Although, when I have shopped, whilst doing a few WS days, I have bought waaaay too much, so I need to figure out a correct amount for those days :eek:
Princess_Ames said:
How about Crumpets? Or Croissants? Or Brioche? Or perhaps a nice Scone?

:giggle: reminds me of Talky Toaster from Red Dwarf...
Next your being saying Wine Gums!! Talky Toaster? Don't remember that but I do remember Dwane Dibley

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Peanut, gross!! Haribo or a Chinese but as we know nothing tastes better than being thin. I think of summer days looking buff with the shirt off and the food thoughts go.

Gonna Google Talky

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