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Feling very sorry for myself!

What a bloomin nightmare this week has been!!!!

5 days ago,I caught some sort of gastric bug and spent three days throwing up! My doc told me that if I didn't get fluids down I would have to get a drip :cry:

he prescribed me rehydration sachets which I had to drink which was a mixture of salts and glucose <bang goes Ketosis> My hubby then spent the last 2.5 days making me drink soup as well as the sachets to try to build me up as I was so run down!!!

The only thing I kept thinkng was.... oh goodie I must have lost loads of weight! But I stepped on the scales this morning nd have gained 7lb!!!!! I'm not sure how this can be, can it all be water? It is also the time of the month so I know I always retain fluid at this time too! A nightmare!!!!

So Today is the first day back on plan..... and my weigh in is tonight!! :( Will I lose this weight quickly again?

Have posted this thread in my diary too!

Hope everyone else is doign really well!!!
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awww u poor woman! i hope u r feeling better now! try not to stress about this week, its not common place to be so ill so u wont be having massive gains weekly and i am willing to bet it IS all water. it'll come off quick and u will be fine. im assuming the sachets the doc gave u were crammed with sugar but next weeks weigh in will be a good one. xxxx


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Could be time of the month , but hey it will sort itself out , you see it will


I can do this.
don't worry about it, just concentrate on getting better, it will be fluid and should sort it's self out.


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concentrate on getting better thats the most important thing.

I had my totm last week and only lost a pound and a half. It definitely made a huge difference to me - i really felt fat and bloaty too.

Good luck for tonight

Well as suspected there was a 7lb+

BUT as I know I have only eaten soup for two days and the glucose / salt rehydration sachets, it can't be fat!!! well not all of it... so I am back on ss and hoping to have a big loss next week!
Anne, sorry to hear about your gain but you WILL have a fabulous loss next week. At least you havent cheated or binged. You had to take what the doctor gave you to get well again.

Hope you have managed to get back onto SS ok. Im putting my money on 7 - 10lb loss for you next week.

Keep that holiday in the forefront of your mind and have a fantastic week.



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You know you've not cheated, you've been ill and had no choice but to have the sachets so don't be too hard on yourself. I'm sure after a week of being back on ss you will have lost that 7lb, if not more.

Good luck for this week :)


Strong women stay slim
As we know you can again at least 7 pounds around the time of our womenly things :) so i guess next week will really be the answer , as you know you've been good and thats what counts and it will pay off so dont lose heart but just lose weight hehe
Aww hun sorry about the gain, i'm sure most is just water. GL at your weigh in.

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