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Felix on a mission!!!!

Hi everyone!
I have just had my first ever meeting with my lovely CDC and I start on SS+ tomorrow with my other half. I've done similar diets before but never stuck to them but hopefully having my CDC come round and weigh me every week will spur me on. I fancied doing SS at first but Ive been persuaded to do SS+ so I can actually have more of a life and occasionally go out to eat and socialise a bit more.
I am excited to start tomorrow! So fed up of eating crappy food now and feeling like a big lump :(
I am 20 years old and I feel like I'm wasting my youth being overweight and not having the confidence to go out and have fun with my friends anymore. I want to be able to go out and not think everyone is judging me because of what I look like. Hopefully doing it with the boyfriend will make me stick to it.
I've been reading this forum for days in anticipation of day 1 and everyone is a big inspiration to me.
I am currently in size 18/20 clothes, 5ft 5 (I thought i was 5ft 3!!!!!! result!!!) and weigh 15st 11. My first goal, which seems far away, is 11st. The OH is 6ft 1 (he is sure he is 6ft 3 but she couldnt reach high enough so im going to measure him again lol) and was weighed at 19st 8.
I will keep posting (if you like it or not!) and hopefully my journey will one day inspire someone else :)

I forgot mini goals!
1. Make it to first weigh in.
2. Fit in to the lovely strapless size 16 dress I bought and it never fit!
3. Fit in to the pink lacey size 14 dress I bought and it never fit! (again haha)
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Hi Felix, welcome to Cambridge ! I am sure that with an attitude like that you will have no problems! I lost 54lb in 12 weeks last time and you seem to have 67 to go, sooo, that's not much more than me !

Wishing you well !

I am a restarter, the diet works but do the maintenance (not like me) LOL!
Wow thats amazing for 12 weeks! I hope I lose that much!! How much have you got to lose now you're back on it? Did you find it easy the first time round?
First day today!!!
Had a cappuccino shake for breakfast (made it with ice cold water and whizzed it up with the hand blender my CDC gave us). Then had 2x tetras throughout the day.

Felt very tired at work today but not sure if thats cos I went to bed a little bit later last night, or the fact ive totally cut out coffee for the diet! The day dragged because I wasnt very busy and sitting right next to the tuck shop doesnt help!

Found it pretty easy to drink the water, which i'm usually crap at. Now just got to think of what to have for my tea!

My manager at work announced that we have to bring some food in on friday cos we are having a bonfire night buffet and I am absolutely dreading it! Dont know if I will be able to resist temptation :(
hey well done on getting this far ... I am on day 2 now , I lost 6 stone in 5 months then been off for 6 months , now back to get rid of the last 2.5 stone :)
SS+ is a great plan , I did it for a while .. its amazing what recipes you can come up with ...... lol
good luck and keep up the good work , being positive about it is the thing that will see you through :)
Thanks :) 6 stone is amazing! I hope I do that well! Just cooking some chicken breast and steamed veg for me and the boyfriend. So looking forward to it haha!
Day 2 went well! Managed to resist the tuck shop again!
Had a toffee & walnut shake for breakfast (very yummy) and 2 tetras through the day. Still surprising myself by drinking all of the water cos I usually hate plain water!!!
Felt a bit shakey and weak today and was so tired last night I went to bed at about 9!
Not really had any cravings but people at work keep having chippy for lunch. Everytime I'm tempted by the smell I just tell myself how much it's worth sticking to the diet and how great I'll feel when I'm slimmer. I really can't wait, I hope these weeks go quickly cos I can't wait to see results.
I definitely think I'm going to stick to this. It seems like a doddle so far (hope I'm not jinxing myself there). Never felt so positive about anything before so I hope the positivity lasts :D
Hope everyone else is doing well. I love this place it's so supportive. It's so nice to have people that understand and don't judge eachother xx
well done on getting through day 2 .. i am on day 3 , always my tougest day , but know that I am getting into ketosis so tomorrow it gets easier :) Keep that positive attitude , it is the key to success with this plan , and after your 1st weigh in tthe weeks fly by so fast :)
Had some grilled chicken & steamed veg for my tea. It was lovely I really enjoyed it!
Not feeling as tired as yesterday so just had a bath and wasting time on the computer because the other half is playing on his xbox (booooo!)
I caught him looking at wedding packages at Oulton Hall though! We arent even engaged yet so I wonder whats going off....

Thanks for the kind words Determinator. It seems like there are lots of people in the first few days so its good to hear how others are getting on and what to expect :)
Hi, I am another vlcd restarter - was w8 in July 2008 but didn't go up the levels to maintenance (big mistake) and have put on a stone and a half which I want to shift by Christmas. Day 3 today so at about the same stage as you - hopefully we can spur each other on to stick with it.

Good luck - and oulton hall is lovely - lucky you if that's his plan.
I have learnt from reading other peoples stories that I have got to stick to maintenance so hopefully I can do it. Got to get the weight off first though! How are you feeling so far? I want ketosis to kick in already..
Ooh its my ultimate wedding venue haha. Think I will have to save up for a million years before I can afford to get married though hehe.
Day 3 and not feeling too good :(

Work was the busiest I have ever seen it and the girl I work with has been off for two weeks so I've been so stressed! Had a vanilla shake this morning and a tetra at about 11. Then I was sooooooo hungry until about 3pm and so tired and headachey :( only managed to drink a 70cl bottle of water because I was so sick of going to the toilet and was too busy! Wasn't tempted by anything today though even though a lady who has been off sick sent in two boxes of chocolates to say thankyou for the flowers we sent her!

Not hungry at all after 3pm and now sat on front of the telly wanting to fall asleep!! I want ketosis to kick in now cos all my positivity has gone down the drain.
Come on girl - we can do this. Tomorrow you will wake up feeling all energetic cos ketosis is running the fat burning show. I am day 4 and my sticks were very pink this morning - hurrah. So today was a lot easier although not had the best of days emotionally (long and dull story!) I didn't look to the happy sound of haribo to cheer me up as I would have done last week - so feeling good about that. Was reading icemoose's web blog thing and he has really made me take stock of the why I turn to food question when I know it doesn't help - so pondering that one tonight.

Fingers crossed for your ketosis tomorrow(only on minis would that seem like a normal thing to say to someone ;-) )
Aw thanks for the kind words! Glad you are feeling better today and yay for pink stick!!
Feeling a bit better now I've had a second tetra and some water but I haven't had my evening meal cos I dont fancy it.
Where can I got some of those ketosis testing sticks from? So glad I didn't give in today and hopefully I'll feel less sorry for myself tomorrow lol :)
Hi Felix, you are doing really well. Just stick it out and I'm sure you'll be in ketosis in no time. I got my Ketosticks off Ebay, but I think you can get them at some chemists too. (not 100% sure).
Hope you have a good evening. :)
Day 4 and I am feeling s much better than yesterday!!! How do I know if ketosis has kicked in without using the testing sticks?

Had a choc shake for my breakfast this morning and drank 1.5 litres of water at work. Been a bit bad though and haven't had another shake all day! Just not felt like I really wanted it even though I know I should. Is it really bad for me if I don't? Going to have my tea soon if I start to feel a bit hungrier.

So glad it's the weekend but I think it might be a bit of a challenge for me because I'll get bored and want to eat cos my boyfriend will be in uni all weekend!

Been offered pie & peas, jelly babies & parkin at work today and not had any. I am so proud of myself :) I'm finding it really easy to say no because I just think I'd rather be slim!

Thanks Tessieg, I will have a look on ebay :)
hey , glad you are doing so well , I am on day 5 and going grat , looking forward to weigh in :)

You can buy ketostix from chemists , they are about £7 I think but if you cut them in half length ways you get double :) I only use them at the start and after a planned meal to see how long it take to get back in .
Cool thanks for the advice :)

Just been to Asda and bought some Schwartz spice shaker things that our CDC reccommended. Bought Piri Piri, chinese 5 spice and cajun to make my chicken a bit more exciting. Bought my little niece a Disney dress up outfit for xmas too, a Belle one from beauty & the beast. It is so cute!!! Made a stir fry with the chinese spice and some cabbage and mushrooms & it was lush.
Today is day 5 and I am really hungry. Woke up hungry and I really wanted something nice for breakfast :(

Just had a butterscotch shake - never again! It was rank eughhhh.

I knew the weekend would be tough for me cos I'm not busy at work. Tried to persuade my boyfried to drive us to a nice park for a walk but he slipped in the shower yesterday and hurt his leg so we can't go. Then I asked to go to the cinema tonight but he won't go again cos of the food temptations :( Feeling like crap I need to get out of my tiny flat and do something to get my mind off food!

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