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Fell of LT train but... Just threw out all the food in the house

OK... I am disgusted with myself, the last two weeks I have been eating a lot even though I only planned a weekend off. Said to myself you are back on track friday but that didnt happen.

Gave myself loads of reasons why I could but they are all just crap excuses so I won't bore you.

Long story short, I ate again today and as soon as I felt full I realised, "what have I done, again!"

I have just thrown all the food that I could possibly pick on in the bin and emptied yogerts on top!!!

will it work?.... anybody else ever fell off for this long and managed to get it back?
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I'm only towards the end of my 2nd week on LT but i did the same before I started and I didn't head back to the bin (which I've done before).
Don't torture yourself, you know what you need to do and maybe come on here and post if you're tempted to eat - i know reading things on here has helped me.
Just think of how much you've lost so far and focus on your goal (or mini goal).
thanks MrsN,

have to say, normally I feel upset when I do this, now I'm just angry with myself but I finally think I am back in the mindset. since doing that, I have started cleaning the house and just being really active. Well its only been an hour or so!! but still lol

The one thing I have noticed over the past 2 months of being on this diet 100% is my house it probably too clean, there is no washing or ironing left to do, even outside my house has been cleaned by me. If I am not doing that I am making meals from scratch for my OH. I havent been in the humour of the past two weeks to do anything like that so I am taking it as a good sign.

today will be one hour at a time :D


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wow this is my first post on here for ages and ages. Good to be back!

HI Nelly,

I know too well how you feel as I am there at the moment. The first time I started the LT diet, I did it for 5 weeks and lost 9kg's which was major for me. Then I decided to take a break and taking breaks is a major NONO. Once you stop it is very difficult to get back into it. I must have restarted 20 times but the longest I stuck to it was 3 days.

Today is day 1 again lol, I have also noticed that having the food at home does not help. My husband likes his junk food when he comes home from work to munch on in front of the TV so we always have something at home to grab my attention.

I came back on here as it does help to read and post on here, that is what you should do. Keeping busy is the secret so you are doing good cleaning and seeing to your house, that is what i am doing too.

It does get easier but its the getting to that stage that is hard. I hope you keep yourself busy and get back on track.
thanks Jesi,

I think I just had it in my head it would be difficult but I could still go back to it, still doing ok because I ate early in the day I just had a shake there and will have another one tonight. still going well, but its not even day one so I wont get ahead of myself.

The evenings are my hardest part of the day, specially at the weekend so if I can get past tonight I will be a lot more confident :).

Hope today is going ok for you.

Taylor I know what you mean about the snacks, they really just cant be there, can they!! haha

oh we will get there one day :rolleyes:
Weekends are my hardest part too! I have the luck that I'm a very long sleeper, so on the weekends I don't get out of bed until 12. I can stretch my shakes better then.
On a normal weekday, I usually don't have my first one until 11.
Today, I had my first one at 1.30! Then my second one at 5.
A colleague of mine, who did LT as well, advised me to try and keep off having my first one as long as possible, so that I don't have too big gaps. And that really works for me!

What also works for me, is taking baths! I know it sounds weird, but I'm a big bath person anyway. I'm usually always in there for an hour. And that's an hour that, no matter how much I crave food, I can't eat because I have nothing near me.
It's a good way to put off your shake for another hour, if you feel it's too early
haha sparkling thats so funny, I am just in the door from tesco with bubble bath!! haha

Great idea
While I think it is possible for you to get back onto LT if you really want to, I know that it's super hard!! I faffed about for ages when I came off LT & put on two stone & am still struggling with getting back on. So, for all means! Give it a go, you know how well it can work & that it's pretty easy after the initial push!

But, what I would say is...I think you need to give yourself a date or something that, if you still haven't managed, you go to maintenance. You've done so well & it would be such a shame to put on the weight you've lost! I'm not saying this because I think you're doomed, haha, but, because I wish I'd done it! If I'd put on half a stone & then said, "enough! Maintenance! Then address the extra weight I want off later..." I'd be a lot closer to where I want to be than I am now.

Good luck!! :)

thanks Hannah, your dead right, I was planning on only doing 4 more weeks anyway so its really annoying that I have wasted a week of that already. I have a wedding in May (my inspiration that spurred me onto LT in the first place) so I reckon if I havent got the hang of it by the end of this week its refeed and maintain!

have to say though since this morning, I feel great, I have been cleaning all day, just going to finish the oven then I am off to have my bubble bath :D.

Have no desire to eat anything and am in such a good mood, best I've elt in weeks. Feeling really confident
Following morning, have had one shake already and still in the same good mood. I think I am back on track :)

thanks all for your support:thankyou:
GOOD LUCK XX i cant imagine being off for that length of time it would be hard but will be so worth it x i havent been on it long and even after little bad spots i know once have picked at something etc u only want more even in truth when i dont even feel hungry so why want to put it in my mouth!!! its awful and feel so guilty but realise now mine is def when im upset or lonely so its def just comfort!!! i wish u well x


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Hi Nel

Second day today and i feel fine, i went out with my step mum and husband to do some shopping so i kept myself busy, i came home and had a peppermint tea shake for the first time and it was fine, i need to try different things to keep me going. I am doing good and being on here and reading posts really helps, it gives me the motivation to carry on until tomorrow and then i am back here reading more so it's looking good.

Dont give up and stay with me on the wagon, once we get the first few days over it will be easier. Keep busy and come on here often.

Glad you are doing good :)
Hi Jesi,

good going today, Im still here too!! Have offered to cover some sunday shifts in work (not like me!!) just to keep busy.

Today went well though, hopefully we are both singing the same tune this time tomorrow :)


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Day 4 and I am going strong, i think the most hard thing when restarting is to get the first 3-4 days out of the way and I must say i feel soo much better now. Still here and still going strong!!
How is it for you nel?
Hey Jesi & Taylor, today is day 6 and I picked today :(
I was out all day and its that TOTM and its killing me. Stomach was in a joc and I thought it would make me feel better but it didnt!!!

Will start again tomorrow, it was only a small slip, I didnt have a meal or anything but with this diet anything is a slip, right! :)


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Don't worry about that Nelly, I came very close also at tea time when I was putting some chicken on hubby's plate and I thought it won't hurt if I have a bit of chicken, but I quickly made my shake and had that. I have struggled to drink the full quota of water today, have only managed just over 1 litre.

Also to add to that my stomache feels like I'm 6 months pregnant as I desperately need to go to the loo:eek:, have just taken a Senakot Max strength!!
Well, had my weigh in today and I was down another 4 (havent updated tracker yet). Delighted with that.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new week. I'm dead set to do it 100%
I cant believe how easy it has been to give in since taking a break.

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