Fell Off Wagon Big Style


Im new to the site just joined this morning, as I think im going to need lots of support and advice over the next few months.

I started CD on Sat and found the first 3 days amazingly easy. Yesterday was day 4 and although I had lost 3lb since starting the diet I found it really difficult all day hunger, feeling weak etc

At 8pm last night I finally convinced myself I was a failure and decided to stop the diet and that I would try WW or SW ........ to cheer myself up I ordered a takeaway and washed it down with a cold beer --how could I be so stupid???

Well last night in bed I felt uncomfortably "full" and even more of a failure so I gave myself a good talking to and decided I would start again today.

I have weighed myself this morning and my weight hasnt increased as yet - im dreading it when it does. So next time I have a bright idea think I may log on here instead!!!

Oh the next few months will be fun!!
Welcome to Minimins Donna....

Come and join us on the Wemitts thread. A fab bunch that will along with everyone else on this site get you to goal with athe most amazing advice and a shoulder to hold on to when you fall off the wagon as some many of us have time and time again.

Don't beat yourself up...pick yourself up brush yourself down and climb back up on that wagon....as well as drinking more water next time you feel the need to eat. Or how about making some jelly? or have an extra pack if you really can't stop yourself eating. Better a pack than a takeaway and beer.

Good luck Hun.

Kam xx
Good Move Donna. I'm new too, but tomorrow I'll have been doing CD for 13 weeks. I've been struggling a bit for the last few weeks and decided to check out the forum recommended by a pal. I think it will be a great help a distraction during those difficult times. You have done exactly the right think just getting back on with it again. Hopefully with the help of plently of water it may just pass straight through but will certainly slow down the weight loss a bit. I'm sure you will still do really well though this week. Keep up the new resolve. Will check on you later.
Hiya donna

Well done for having a good ol talking to yourself and hopping back on!!! ur doing the right thing. its amazing how our minds work eh!!

hope you have a nice today

welcome on board

Gen xx
Hi Donna

It is true that the first few days are v v v v hard!! However after this it becomes the easiest diet in the world - i promise!! Once you get into ketosis, you experience no physical hunger and you will get an amazing sense of wellbeing and you can literally watch yourself transform in front of the mirror!

It really is worth it. But you will find it difficult if you keep giving in to your chatterbox (the voices in your head telling you that a takeaway won't hurt etc etc etc).

Good luck with your re-start, do everything in your power not to break the diet, then it will be the easiest diet in the world - it was for me!

Welcome to the forum.
Don't beat yourself up about it just look to great weight losses to come. It probably won't be the last time you have a struggle but learn from yesterday and be strong.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
I always find day 4, 5 and 6 my hardest days so dont worry!!!
The good thing is you've put it behind you and are starting again. Logging on here is a really good way to distract yourself from the hunger and feelings of general crappiness!!

Nice to meet you and i look forward to hearing all about you SUCCESSES!!!!!! :)
Ahhh we've all been there! And more than once likely.. so don't beat yourself up! Just move on... back onwards and upwards. :D

Don't weigh for a few days, and you won't notice a gain and then loss! ;)
But seriously.. you CAN do this.. it isn't easy to ignore food etc but the weight comes off, and if you can stay motivated MOST of the time you'll soon see results! ;)

Oh and Welcome! lol

hi Donna Marie,

As a re-started on many occasions, I've now been on it for 3 weeks tomorrow and I have surprised myself.

Its being on here that has helped me.

keep going.

I literally took it an hour at a time to start with but now, I can take it a day at a time.

However, yesterday, I was desperate for a sandwich but i posted here before I could do anything about it and the replies really helped!

I wish you all the luck in the world.

Keep up the good work

I hope things are still back on track for you Donna.
I've been on and off ss more times than I can count.
If you are ever tempted to have take away and beer again try to remember just how you felt after. Remember that horrible over-full feeling and how eating made you feel emotionally (guilt, failure, what ever). And also think about the reasons that you want to succeed in this weight loss journey.
You've done great, just to put a line under the episode and start again. Keep up the good work!