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Fella wants to shed 7 Stone please help me

Hi ladies, not sure if this is a forum for a fella to be in but i need a lot of help.
a couple of years ago now I quit smoking and as a substitute I turned to food. I have got myself into some really bad habbits and have decided to get my ass in gear and do something about it, I turn to you women coz you really know what your talking about and from all the success in here i think im in the right place with the right people, I need to desperatly lose 7 stones, as quickly as possible, Im 31 years old and im having blood pressure problems and its freaking me out to be unhealthy, im not shy of a workout and could quite easily manage to excersise 5 times a week for an hour a day on bikes, walking and rowing machine, its just the food im struggling with, like today for instance, for the last 3 days i have excercised hard and then come home and had a donner kebab, I need a diet thats going to work, and one i can stick to, Please please please help me, im at my wits end.
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Hey yeh you are more than welcome....its nice to see more men joining.....!
It depends if you are in the right mind set to do a VLCD (very low calorie diet), There is cambridge diet, lighterlife and lipotrim they are all basically the same, being liquid diets some have a couple of bars too. Lipotim only has 4 flavours...for £30 a week, lighterlife has a few more flavours for £66 a week, cambridge has loads of flavours for around the £30 mark maybe a tad more. The first week to 10 days are hard as you withdraw from carbs....but it does get easier and no you dont feel hungry after a weekish.

If you cant face a liquid diet then there is either weight watchers or slimming world.
Welcome to the group ... you're more than welcome here - it's not a 'ladies only' thing. There are several blokes who are members of Minimins, probably the most famous being our dear Icemoose.

If you need inspiration, you should check out his blog ... it's what started me on the Cambridge diet - the best darned diet in the world!
(Does anyone have the link to Mike's blog? Mine doesn't seem to be working)

I'd recommend it if you're truly desperate and want to shed the weight FAST ... women average a stone a month - men usually more. I think Icemoose only took something like five or six months to lose about 11st.

Welcome aboard - keep posting and we'll give you all the support you need to make your journey! :)


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We all know what its like to have to loose alot of weight ~ thats nothing to do with gender

Read all the threads and check out the pics of Icemoose he is amazing ~ then choose which diet would fit in with your lifestyle

Then go for it

You will get all the help and support you need here


Luv luv

Allan G

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Hi mate, i did the same, gave up smoking and piled on the pounds, i went from 13.5st to 17st in months, i started various diets and going to the gym, then last year i went on the cambridge diet and got down to 13.2st within 3 months, it works if you can get used to drinking plenty of water, the first 4 days are the worst but your body soon adjusts to the shakes and soups, just be carefull i did put a stone back on when i went to spain for a fortnight, but i am still hovering around the 14 stone mark now. Hope this helps choose the right diet for you:D


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Here's the link for Icemoose's Blog


It is off line just now, it will be back so check it later.


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mini you beat me too it i found this link to
MyLighterLife but again its off line at the mo
Wow, what an overwhelming response, thankyou all for your replys, I really do like the sound of this cambridge one, I think im gonna give it a shot, just the £30 a week one, not bothered about flavours, any tips about this would be great, When I lost all the stones, im takin all you out for drinks


lol!!!! we're a chatty bunch I can tell you!!!

Good luck!!!:D

As for tips....erm......drink......since you are a guy try and aim for 6 litres a day of the good stuff (water) really helps with the first week or so and helps with the weight loss!!:D



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first week is the worst you may end u with headaches until you get in ketosis you have 3 packs a day and like coley said aim for 6 litres of water a day then in the fifth week you can add a meal which is a small amount of chicken/fish 3 tbsp green leafy salad or veg ie cauliflower broccili then you go back to just having your packs if you stick to it the diet really works and you will get sooo much support from everyone on here good luck with your decision xxxx

obtw you can have bars after first 2 weeks along with summerberry and orange water flavourings which you buy from your cdc

you may also wanna take a look here Cambridge Diet Forum for more info and tips xxx
Wow, what an overwhelming response, thankyou all for your replys, I really do like the sound of this cambridge one, I think im gonna give it a shot, just the £30 a week one, not bothered about flavours, any tips about this would be great, When I lost all the stones, im takin all you out for drinks
It would be a bit more for you WLI because you're a strapping lad and you men get to have FOUR Cambridge packs a day <not jealous!! grrr>

It's worth the money though as there's really no faster way to get to your weight loss goal. I'd advise Cambridge - not just because I'm biased - but because, even though you say the flavours aren't important, many people find that after months of meal replacements, a wide choice of flavours DOES become important as it's all we've got! Also, you get the services of a CD counsellor who, I think, can answer questions more readily than a pharmacist in a shop full of people (LT is bought from a pharmacy).

In the end it's your choice though .. some people do brilliantly on Lipotrim, preferring the narrowest rails of all.


Kittykat meant so say that you'll have 4 packs a day, as you're a guy and you get more...(and lose faster.....we all hate you...:mad: lol..not really, well....maybe just a little) and yup...the first few days are rubbish!!

You'll be glad you came on here, it's such a good place for distraction and support and info!!:D



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forgot you were a bloke yeah its 4 packs for you not fair !!!
are there any health implications, like for instance, can you have blackouts and all that kind of thing, and will it increase palpatations, i get them but they are benign, just really annoying, they irritate me. I could do with some links please as to where to buy this stuff from please, your all a great help, and the responses are fast too, and you all seem really nice people. thanks


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if your BMI is over 40 you will need to have a form signed by your doc here is the link Cambridge Diet home page you can get a cousellors no on there give them a ring
Hi wanna:D

Welcome to the boards....we will all be happy to support you along your journey to becoming a healthier, slimmer guy;)

We are all here for the same reason...to lose weight by whatever means and are very understanding......anything you want to know just shout n I'm sure someone will be able to reply.

Best of luck


no...shouldn't be any bad health stuff but you need to tell your CDC (Cambridge Diet Counsellor) about any medical conditions or medication you are taking so that you can be monitored by a doctor or get your doctors signature.

You can get in touch with a local CDC via the Cambridge website which is here: Cambridge Diet find a counsellor

of phone the freephone number to find one which is 0800 161412

if you go on the site all the info about the diet and the testing that has been done on it for the last 20 years or so is available.



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Hi ya

Go on to the cambridge site and find a counseller ~ that is where I found my amazing Ann (Westhills check out her before and after photos)

I lost 16lb on my first week on SS (sole source 3 shakes a day) how cool is that. You will have 4 packs a day so will be around £40 a week but remember ~ no food or drinks bill !!!!

First few days is a bit full on with some wierd side effects for some people ~ the trick is to drink lots and lots of water ~ then some more

The main problem in my opinion is missing food as after around 5 days you are not hungry anymore but you sure want to eat. Keep up with your social life and that way there is not toooo many changes to your routine, I go out to the pub and meals with friends and just say I have eaten thanks ~ no problem. Bank holidays and family occasions are a bit tough as there is always some bright spark trying to discourage you and force food onto you.

When I started I told as many people as I could what I was doing and have had tremendous support. Because of the rapid weight loss at first you very quickly get loads of compliments and encouragement so that really really helps to motivate you on a tough day

You build up an amazing rapport with your CDC ~ so go for it

PS Mines a Gin and Tonic

PPS Dont wait ~ do it now ~ go on ~ this day is the start of your journey to slimland !!!!!

PPPS You are supposed to cut down on your carbs before you start on the cambridge diet to prepare yourself ~ but not this big bird ~ I ate like a condemned man !!!!!

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