Felt mean in class tonight


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A lady had made a loaf of banana bread for the raffle with the recipe next to it. As I was looking at the recipe I noticed she hadn't synned the 4 bananas in the recipe, so I mentioned it to her and she looked so crestfallen. I felt like a mean teacher telling a kid that their hard work was all wrong!!!!!

But I couldn't not mention it could I?!
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I would have told her too - she will thank you for it somewhere down the line!

xxx U did the right thing x


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I think you did the right thing too but how lovely that she made something.

Gail x


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You definitely did the right thing and with only four syns it's still a yummy treat. It would have been worse if she had used something that made it hugely 'off limits' on a normal day. :)


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You most definitely did the right thing. It's one thing to choose not to syn cooked or mashed bananas, but it's always best to know.
4.5 syns per banana soon adds up the syns!!!


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Definitely did the right thing hun, its best that she knows and can adjust syns accordingly!

My banana-free week and all I see and read about is bananas lol! xxxxxxx


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I'd have said something, she may not have known, or even thought about it and it would raise the point for other people about cooking/mashing fruit and having to syn it


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jennykndy, it's 18 syns, hun. 4.5 per 'nana, and there was 4 in the loaf. Bet it was YUM though! lol


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what else did she use in the loaf please even at 18 syns it sounds yummy , I'm sure my kids would do 3/4 of it in lol :)


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It was basically a normal banana bread with dried fruit, nuts and glace cherries added to it - added up to 27.5 syns without the bananas, so 45.5 with them.


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you definately did the best thing by telling her. at the end of the day thats one of the reasons for the classes, so that we can share our ideas and gain information. The lady may be having cooked fruit in lots of other things and therefore slowing down her losses. you never know your piece of info may boost her loss next week :)


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OMG that banana bread was a SW nightmare - steer clear !


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hi guys im in need of help and im lost , ive just joined and well im a bit lost to say the least !?!? my weight comes up as only lost 8lb and half when i know ive lost 11 and a halflbs ! wat am i doing wrong ?? lso how do u all get ur pics up ??? sorry for butting in on this thread ! oh and i would have told her too. not mean just saving people who would do same mistake ! xxxx