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Female and over 5ft 8ins? Do you do 4 packs?


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I am 5ft 10 and a wee bit. For the first few weeks I just did 3 packs most days as I was satisfied with three and couldn't see why my height, rather than my weight, made a difference to my nutritional needs. And very good losses I had too .
For the last three days I've been having four- just feeling a bit peckish after my fall from grace.
Am I just being greedy or do I really need four meals?
Are you a tall woman and have yo had 3 or 4- and will 4 slow down weight loss?
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I just don't get why I won't lose weight quicker on 3?! Or why 5ft 8 makes a difference. Does anyone understand the science I wonder ??


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Guess its kind of like BMI If ur taller you can weigh more and be healthy!?
Same as men!! You need more 'food' you body could go into starvation mode without it and so therefore you wouldnt necessarily lose more eating 3!!
Maybe someone can help you with the science??


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Thanks Bo- sounds reasonable. I do like having puding or a late night snack but am scared of not losing any weight!!


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I guess if people who are over 5'8 are advised to eat 4 packs.. they really should.. its all worked out very scientifically.. so im guessing you really should have your 4 packs doll.. if you struggle to do this.. try n double up a pack.. so you just have a larger shake..

sorry i couldnt have been more helpful..

Cat x x x


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Hi Kitteh, My CDC said ' they say 4 for 5ft 8...' but in a sort of ' you don't need it really sort of way IYKWIM ! i guess you're right- and I am managing them okay now- which is worrying me really as I was full up on 3 before!!


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im only wee.. im 4"11.. and i struggle with three.. but i double mine sometimes when i feel like i just cant be bothered with another seperate one.. hehe..

I think you should try the 4.. for like.. maybe a month.. and then try three.. for a month.. n compare the diff in weight loss maybe?

Im sure a cdc will be able to give you a much more accurate answer though..


Cat x x x


I am 5ft 11in, started at 20st 13lbs and I am on 4-a-day.
I would guess that when you are taller you naturally use more calories (higher basal rate ie minimum amount of calories required just to function).
Therfore you need more packs/calories on a VLCD to prevent you from going into starvation mode which means your weight loss will stop as your body holds onto anything it gets.
I am guesstimating here, but the difference between 3 and 4 packs a day is 414(ish) and 540(ish)....so 120(ish) a day....540(ish) is still very low.
There was a link posted on here this week which took you to a site where you could work out your basal (is that the right word?) rate of calories (calories needed just to function and maintain current weight) mine at 5ft 11in was about 2200:eek:....so the way I look at it my 4 packs (and ketosis) is guaranteed to make me loose weight and stop me going into starvation mode.....by the way there are 1350(ish) calories to 1lbs of fat so with the minimal calories we are taking in per day it is a sure thing we will loose weight (unless your fat cells rebel and replace lost fat with water....thats another epic story)
.....PHEW...you can tell I have been researching........
I don't claim to be an expert and my figures are again approximate.....hopefully a moderator or CDC will come along to correct anything I am 'way off' on!
Thanks Prettyface - I'll look for that link.
Think I'll keep on with the four.
Like you say Kitteh I can always go to 3 if I don't lose weight but by the maths from Prettyface I MST still lose weight quite quickly!
Fingers crossed!


BMR Calculator

I think this is the one!! My Basal rate has gone down....but it will as you loose weigh....as you get smaller you need less calories!!;)


Sorry....got my geek head on tonight.....
There are 3500 calories to a pound of fat.....(not my previously quoted 1350)...Ooops!!

Thanks Pretty Face can't find my calculater but according to my maths , at my current activity rate, I should still lose 3.5 lbs aweek on 4 packs. That seems great! Might even encourage me to increase my activity rate having looked at this info.
Ta xx


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High guys, its not about the calorie content of the packs, it about getting your recommended daily allowance of all the vit and mins you need.

If you have 4 packs a day it will slow your weight loss down by approx 1lb every 3 1/2 weeks, but you will be healthy and in ketosis. If you mess with the science you risk your health and your weight loss.

Hope that helps! I'm 5'10 and relish my extra pack!!

Thanks all - I am going to use my extra pack with a clear conscience and savour it!
Shame I can't have two bars.

I lurve bars:D:D:D


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Im 5' 10" and im having 3 a day. seem ok at the moment, I LOVE BARS too! my fave is MALT TOFFEE (my CDC ran out of that flava this week, so I have some diff ones!) yum yum
maybe Cambridge could make a "box of bars" bit like a box of chocs! with diff little ones in it! ARRGGHH YEAH

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