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ferrero rocher

I made them and they were delicious, didn't look as good as the real thing but the taste was right up there. If you can resist them for long enough the fridge is the best place for them but ours didn't.
Ooh is there a recipe anywhere for this?? :) xxx


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MADE them? WHAT? Ooooo the bought kind are my fave!!! Yummy! x


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Well, well, well, I knew SW was a good diet but SW Ferrero Roche choc's - well that makes the SW diet a legend for me......

Could someone post the recipe please, I have to make some of those, thanking you. X


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hi you need: 8 scan bran( if you cant get this in class its in holland and barret) 4 leveltsp nutella, 1 leveltsp of golden syrup
1 level tsp of water

1) place scan bran in food processor and reduce to crumbs

2)mix all ingredients together and divide in petit four cases. 1 syn per rocher should make 30

i gor reciepe of sw website uder the scan bran recipepe section . ther are loads on there . you can make a chocolate cake for 10 syns . will defintly be givin that a go !!!!


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I have the same recipe, but I have 22 syns for 30 so it's slight less than one syn each if you want to make your syns stretch!


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I made the scan bran ones for a tasting session at class. They went down a storm. They're really nice!! Just be mindful of the fact that they're made with scan bran and limit how many you eat or you'll live in the loo the next day! LOL!! Great for a super indulgent snack with a cup of tea though!!

I did put mine in the fridge to harden. They're a bit sticky when you form them into balls, but licking your fingers afterwards is fun! :D
you can use 2 weetabix as well - add some peppermint essence and they are delicious.
Might have to try these again for buffet night tomorrow! I don't think I got anywhere near 30 out of them so will aim for 22 at 1 syn each!


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keep it simple...

I use Ryvitta (wholegrain) 6 of them and nutella, no syrup or anything and wack them in the fridge, 1syn per ball of it (just a bit bigger than a real one)

tastes nice with just those two!
I gotta try these!!!!

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