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Fessing up!

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This is a very difficult post for me to write; in fact I am so ashamed I very nearly didn’t post it at all. I decided I needed to do this so I could put it behind me and get on with LT. They say confession is good for the soul.

These last few days have been very hard, for some reason I have not been my usual cheerful self. In fact, unusually for me, I have felt really depressed. This hasn’t been helped by an almighty row with my 2 teenagers; I got fed up of being taken for granted by them! On top of that my scales, rubbish though they may be, do not seem to have moved all week!

I survived Sunday lunch at my in-laws sticking to water and to the weekly shop this morning. I’ve lost count of the times I resisted temptation over the last 4 days.

Then tonight I was cooking the children’s tea and, without thinking, popped a piece of chicken in my mouth. Like a mad woman I then demolished a piece of chicken and some turkey slices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know what was wrong with me! I managed 8 months on LT last year without cheating once, how come this time I can’t get through 3 weeks without cheating!!!!! At least it was only chicken, I didn’t go for the noodles or salad but I feel disgusted with myself.

I don’t expect sympathy, I don’t deserve it, I’m hoping that fessing up will stop me repeating this.

Stupid fairy!:break_diet:

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I will be skinny again!!!
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Hey Chick!

Im really sorry to hear about this :(

When I first signed up to minimins when I started LT you were my inspiration, you were always there with a supportive motivational post to keep us all going through the hard times (and I sure missed you while you were gone)

I havent been through a restart on LT but I will be hopefully at the weekend rejoining the ranks!

From everyones posts we have heard that its a heck of alot harder the second time round..

Do me a favour and read through your threads from starting out last time round, remember the attitude and the will power you had then, im sure you can find that same person inside you again!

I can tell you off and shout at you for cheating but only you can help yourself!

You can do it... You did it for 8 blinking months! Get that kick up the butt you need and find the strength within yourself again

I know you can do it!!
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I know its hard, this time round I have been close to cheating myself.

Look past this and go forward, we all have bad times and good, the strong ones are those who can move forward and achieve their goals.

You can do it!
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Thank you Chelly. It is harder second time round but that is no excuse for my cheating. I don't know why I've been so down lately but I am hoping to snap out of it soon. I'm off to the doc's tomorrow coz I've had a headache for the last couple of months, not all the time but something I need to sort out before my op next month!

I'm also hoping I'll get some of that ketosis energy everyone else seems to get!!!! I have none at the moment!!!

I will bounce back. I CAN do this!!!!!

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You CAN do it, as you've done it before. Just think of the results that you had last time and maybe this will help. Stick in there!


I will be skinny again!!!
S: 14st10.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 2st12lb(19.37%)
Yeah def get to the docs mrs!

Make sure you let me know how it goes

Being down wont help! I know when im down All i do is eat :(
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Well done for coming here & "confessing"...I think that takes a lot of guts & will probably kill it here; don't want to be feeding into this secret eating thing.

I'm sure you can get back on track - it was one slip & you know how great the results can be! I have faith that you can do it again :)

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Big hugs Xxxx

Don`t beat yourself up anymore, You`ve probably done that enough already.

Tomorrow is another day and like you said, You CAN do this! You did it before and you`ll do it again!

I hope you get some answers from the Dr, Good Luck



Eloquent hooligan
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Don't beat yourself up...

Shame leads to guilt, guilt leads to negativity, negativity leads to suffering... jeeez I sound like Yoda lol

IN all seriousness I don't think you'll wreck your ketosis as what you've eaten is pure protein... no carbs...

It *may* affect any weight loss slightly as you've taken in extra calories... but what you've done is no more than a mini Atkins...

Obviously this is a total food replacement diet but I think the main danger is that once you get used to eating again you get more pangs TO eat... & these could be eating the wrong things...

Pick yourself up & carry on CF :) xx


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Hi Cuddly

Dont be disheartened, but look positively at the fact you did it, but you stopped and had a rain check!!! The fact you have come on here and written it down is good because it gives you accountability.

It happens, and what you have to do is bottle up that feeling (which isnt good at the moment) and remember it!! It will stand you in good stead for the next time if it happens again. Seems a reoccuring theme though as a lot struggle around Wk 3/4....so, dont beat yourself up.

This could make you so much stronger as you realise how easily it could all be taken from you! It did me, when I had a blip around Wk 3/4....and like you OUT OF TH BLUE!!! So, dont ever look back, always look forwards to the new you.

No doubts you can do it, and like Chelly said, you were an inspiration to her and I too would go and read how you felt first time around!

So, no looking back, only forwards and hope you get some results at the Doctors with the headaches.....

Take care


Positivity is the key
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Hi Cuddlyfairy,
Hope you are feeling better now and stopped beating yourself up. When I read your post I see you had a fight with the kids, felt taken for granted, have an off/on headache for a while now and have an operation scheduled for next month. Any one of these issues is enough to cause us to stray, all together and it can be a hell of a time. You have done very well so far and will do so again. You slipped and ate protein, you could have kept going but didn't. That shows your strength, woman, so don't knock yourself any more just get on with it. See the G.P and ask advice.
Wishing you all the best.
hey cuddly, please dont be too hard on yourself as this will only make you feel worse.. put this down to a blip and try and put it behind you .. hope your feeling better and back to your happy self soon xxxx
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Thank you all for your lovely comments. I do feel better today, still cross with myself but that's no bad thing if it stops any recurrance.

I went to the docs this morning and he checked my BP - it was it's normally low reading - and he seems to think I have a tension headache, probably due to a pain in the neck (no, not the children!) I had for several weeks a month or so ago. Don't know how I hurt it, I just remember waking with it one day. The pain has gone but the headaches still continue. He recommended I have an Indian Head Massage - where the heck do I get me one of those?

Not sure if I am out of ketosis or not, hopefully not, but I did miss my last shake to try to compensate for the extra calories.

My home scales still haven't moved but at my docs their scales suggested I don't weigh as much as I thought I did. I will stick with mine till I get to the chemist for my first official WI next week, from what I remember they are similar to mine!!! Oh well!

Once again, thank you so much for all your support, I really do appreciate it.

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An Indian head massage is lovely, makes you feel so relaxed afterwards, or maybe accupuncture might help x


Silver Member
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Awww *hugs* Cuddlyfairy* Sorry you have been feeling down this last few days. Sometimes things that would not usually bother you can really get you down. I always blame the dreaded hormones, as mine at times can run riot. Teenagers are nightmares and I can't believe I was ever one myself. They can be so thoughtless, selfish and ungrateful, only thinking of themselves and seeing nothing beyond!

Maybe the pain in your neck comes from you laying in an awkward position in bed?

I don't think you needed to miss your shake as I doubt you did that much damage by what you ate. Missing a shake only deprives you of essential vitamins and minerals that keep you going and if you're feeling a bit down and poorly you need them.

You're torturing yourself by weighing yourself at home! Wait until you go to the chemist as their scales are most likely more accurate.

Don't be so hard on yourself. You've lost so much and have done soooo well through hard work and determination. Give yourself a break.

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WOMAN! We're all human babes, shake it off shake it off. As you say you've done it before you can do it again. You know that stress is a trigger so find ways to help you relax. Easier said than done I know but you absolutely deserve it.

Come on woman!
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I'm back on board the LT train!!!! Blip put aside and life will go on! This forum is what got me through last year and I'm pretty sure it will get me through this time!

I have a new goal to aim for. We didn't have a holiday this year, couldn't afford it, but hubby has decided "bu**er it, we're having one next year and has booked it today. So, next April, 2 years after the last time we are going back to Florida to the same place we went last time. It was in the Keys that I decided that enough was enough and when I got back I was going to start LT. Sure enough, we arrived back on the Sunday and I was down the chemist first thing Monday morning, signed up and started that day. I am determined to go back slimmer and healthier than I did last year! Oh to sit in the airplane seat without having to extend it to it's limit and still have to struggle to close it!!!! To sit by the pool without keeping covered up!!! To enjoy the warm weather without sweating!!!!!

That will be my inspiration and I will do it!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all your support/butt kicking, it was just what I needed.

BIG fairy hugs.

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Oh yes! That should do it! Imagine being in Florida and wearing light skinny clothes. Imagine dandering around in the heat and instead of feeling like a sweaty bear but actually enjoying it and feelin foxy!

Oh yes! Get on with it woman -no more slips!:D
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Some hairdressers/salons offer Indian head massages. They're FANTASTIC!!! After the first one you might feel a bit worse but the next day you'll feel great.

Regarding your 'slip' I wouldn't beat yourself up- it's not like you then went on a week-long binge and as it was total protein it probably won't make a huge difference to your weight loss.

I think that food addiction is so hard. Unlike alcoholism or substance abuse food is impossible to avoid and so it's always going to be hard to deny ourselves the thing we love (food!) when we are around it all the time.

I'd just say to get back in the saddle and don't be too hard on yourself- the main thing is you're wanting to lose weight and trying hard!

Good luck xxx

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